10 Ways to Squeeze Fitness and Health to Your Busy Day

“Everybody wants to be fit but nobody wants to take the heat,” so goes an old adage. True enough, the majority of people who want to get into a fitness lifestyle can’t seem to find a way to squeeze gym time into their hectic schedules. But do they really have to? The answer is NO. For people whose goal is to stay fit and healthy, the amount of exercise needed can easily be achieved with these 10 simple daily activities.

1.Walk the Talk

You’ve been thinking and saying that you want to be healthy, then stand up and walk. A JACC: Heart Failure journal published in 2018 stated that by simply spreading a daily walking time of 21 minutes throughout the day, you can significantly lower your risk of heart failure by 30%.

If that doesn’t encourage you yet, maybe the 10-year study published in the PLoS One journal in 2015 will. Based on the said study, walking 10,000 steps per day decreased a healthy person’s potential for early death from all causes by a whopping 46%. Think about spending more happy years with the people you love. Insurance companies will surely love you for it!

2.Dig Soil to Burn Oil

Gardening is known to be very therapeutic. It soothes the soul and promotes a positive aura. Plants seem to emit some gas that combats stress and improve mental health. In March 2019, a 44-year study was published in the Journal Neurology claiming that the risk of dementia was reduced by 56% by gardening for four hours a week.

And did you know that digging, mowing, and planting for 15 minutes can burn 100 calories? Yes, you read that right. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that trowel and start toning those arms!

3.Take the Stairs, Earn their Stares

Forget the elevator and climb those stairs instead. You only need 15 minutes per day of going up and down the stairs to lose 100 calories. Additionally, your balance, coordination, and cardiorespiratory fitness will improve.

4.Wash your Ride

You don’t need to take personal loans to be able to buy expensive gym equipment. In fact, you don’t need to buy one at all. Go out into your garage instead and give that automobile some vigorous scrubbing and waxing for 15 minutes and zap 80 calories. Level up by incorporating squats as you clean the tire and do muscle stretches as you reach to scrub the car’s roof.

5.Baby’s Day Out

Have fun bonding with your little tot by pushing her around in a stroller for 30 minutes and lose 130 calories. You can even go uphill for maximum benefit.

6.Let it Snow

People living in snowy countries can take advantage of winter to exercise by shoveling the snow. 15 minutes is all it takes to clear the flooring and blast 100 calories.

7.Swim to Trim

Score tight abs, toned arms and sexy thighs by performing in-pool laps for 30 minutes and burn about 223 calories. This low-impact exercise is popular for its holistic benefits. Aside from getting rid of fats, swimming also increases endurance and strengthens the lungs.

8.Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Instantly lift your mood and overall well being by playing upbeat music. Dance your worries away, strut your stuff, move those gams, and burn 200 calories in 30 minutes.

9.Hit A Strike

Aim for the pins and score investments to perfect health. Repeatedly lifting and swinging a bowling ball strengthens your core while zapping 225 calories an hour.

10.Play to Stay Young

Remember the time when you and your friends competed for the longest time to keep a hula hoop twirling around your waist? Or that moment when you had fun skipping ropes? Well, it’s time to relive those fun memories.

Jumping rope for 15 minutes burns 200 calories while hula hoop works your whole body and burns 100 calories in 15 minutes. Say goodbye to love handles!

Based on Materials from Everyday Health
Photo Sources: blackenterprise, Istock, Rtl, Shutterstock