Top 12 Reasons Why You Need Physical Activity

Ah, the lure of the couch and mattress – not many of us have enough will-power to resist slacking and lazing around, especially after a long and tiring day at work or in school. Isn’t it tempting to think of munching on popcorn during movie marathon nights? Or lounging around in pajamas the whole weekend? After all, our body is at it’s prime while resting, right? Not entirely true!

Although rest is very essential and sort of recharges our body, living a largely sedentary lifestyle does more harm than good to the body. Some of the most common effects of constant inactivity are obesity, cardiovascular disorders, mental block, and diabetes. Trust us, these surely scare insurance companies away. It’s surely something you wouldn’t want if you’re planning a future-proof life for you and your family.

Many people find themselves aging faster and looking and feeling older than their actual age. This is particularly true for people who are overweight. They also get tired more easily and sweat excessively so they tend to look worn-out and haggard. These can be teenagers who are so hooked to their gadgets, sitting for most of their days as if they were in online classes, or working professionals who are so focused at work, toiling for mortgages and loans, or even elderlies who dwell on the calming feel of that rocking chair. After all, physical exercises are not really that appealing for some people, especially considering the time and effort you have to put into it.

But don’t fret, regular physical activity doesn’t have to be so extensive and rigorous to gain its health benefits. Nobody said that exercise is confined only in the gym or that you have to lift iron bars and press benches to be fit. In fact, simple everyday activities such as brisk walking and jogging for as little as 15 minutes daily are enough, needless to say, that a little more is better of course. You can even incorporate exercise into your daily activities like simply choosing to climb up or down the stairs instead of using the elevator or standing up to approach your colleague to relay a message instead of dialing that intercom. It can even foster a better relationship when you think about it.

Whatever works for you, just keep in mind that, similar to achieving a Finance degree, consistency is key!

So, what really are the benefits of exercise and regular physical activity? Let’s do a run-down.

1.Regular exercise helps prevent some serious health issues such as heart disorders, certain cancers, diabetes, to name a few.

2.It gives you control over your weight and allows you to maintain a fit figure. Think of all the heads that will turn when you pass by.

3.It normalizes your blood pressure and blood sugar levels so you can enjoy more cups of coffee and tea without worry. Cake, anyone?

4.Consistent physical activity balances your cholesterol level as it lowers “bad” cholesterol and increases “good” cholesterol.

5.It makes you more energetic so you can accomplish more.

6.Your immunity against common ailments is improved. Say bye to persistent cough and colds.

7.It keeps your muscles, joints, and bones stronger for longer so you can fix that little leak in the bathtub without having to pay for plumbing services.

8.It decreases the pain from arthritis making you more flexible. Be prepared to join those ball games once more.

9.Being active and in control strengthens your resolve and will-power so you can say “Yes, I can” more often. Who needs a lawyer when you can stand up for yourself?

10.Mood swings will be a thing of the past because regular physical activity releases endorphins that generally improve your mood. That means more quality and cheerful times with the people who are important to you.

11.It helps you get a restful snooze time. Welcome to fresh mornings.

12.And finally and equally important is how exercise makes you look and feel a lot better about yourself. Think of sporting that fabulously toned body and youthful-looking skin.

So, stand up, stretch a little, and take that stride. A sound mind and a healthy body is an investment every person must be willing to make.

Based on Materials from 10 Tips For Health

Photo Sources: decanchronicle, Flickr, Pixabay, Shutterstock