Workout Trends To Look Out For In 2020

There’s no better way to celebrate National Fitness Day than with a few workouts.

Fitness and healthy living grew more popular this year, with people exploring HIIT classes, indoor cycling classes, and a conscious effort to switch to a better lifestyle. Most investments today come in the form of physical and mental health. Now 2020 is fast approaching, what trends will the new year bring for us?

The experts at ClassPass shared their predictions for fitness trends with us. Whether you’re looking for a head start or simply an inspiration to start your fitness journey, here are the popular ways that will likely dominate the year ahead.

Embracing workouts for the soul

While physical fitness was at the limelight for 2018, the shift will now focus on mindfulness and mental health. ClassPass predicts a rise in workouts that benefit the mind and body, not just during the fitness routine, but before and after as well.

Popular mindfulness workouts today include yoga and gym meditations. While these routines aren’t as heart-pumping and sweat-drenching, these still do an excellent job of boosting your energy.

By 2020, ClassPass predicts that more studios will be prioritizing these types of classes. Because these are more inclined towards mental wellness, online classes are an option that studios are eyeing as well. We can expect workouts that go beyond the usual cardio exercises, such as cryotherapy and flotation tanks.

Variety is the spice of life

Every fitness enthusiast has a favorite workout routine and while they will always enjoy it over others, people will start to look for variety in their regimes.

Much like with food and any hobbies, consumers will start to look for a wider selection of ways to boost their fitness routines. They’ll no longer settle for the everyday gym membership. In their hunt to nurture their minds and bodies, stores that offer a more diverse roster of fitness adventures will win the hearts of consumers.

Today, most fitness enthusiasts strive to fit quite several routines in a single week. HIIT, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga, and meditation all need to have a spot in their regular routines. Studios will be scrambling to get a business loan so they can expand their offers to accommodate this demand.

Group workouts are a thing

While exercising is about enjoying “me time,” 2020 will be all about group sweat classes.

Walking slightly further away from the usual catch-up lunches and investment planning dates, ClassPass looks at how socializing and spending time with colleagues and friends will change in the coming year. Happy hour will be more about group cycling or yoga classes, as more people embrace productivity when spent with peers. Workouts are just as good as any team activity in increasing team bonding and improving culture.

Studios will also jump on this trend with group sweat classes such as The Foundry and Sweat It. Not only will group classes develop relationships but it can also ease some social anxiety, knowing that you’re sweating off with people you know and trust.

Say hello to Hybrid Yoga

Yoga has been around for a couple of years and it’s about time that studios level up the popular fitness exercise.

Yoga HIIT is a new class that combines zen poses and HIIT. Your usual serene meditation yoga routines will be balanced out with intense stretches and moves, leaving you buzzing with a surge of electricity.

More shut-eye

This year has been a busy year. Even healthy enthusiasts faced schedules too hectic that made them skip some much-needed sleep. However, 2020 is about realizing that your payday loans and cash loans can wait.

The coming year is bringing in more recognition for naps and rest, as people shift their lifestyles to accommodate a more holistic wellness routine. Studios aren’t missing out on this either, as they offer new class offerings related to sleep. Classes like The Fore and Pop N Rest – which are like nap rooms for kindergarten – are for those who need a quick timeout after a long day.

All in one place

The gym is no longer just for exercising. In 2020, people will start to use their studios for socializing, relaxing, or even working. This makes studios even more worth your investment money.

Studios are starting to expand to coworking services, so people can stay in after a long workout and finish their tasks for the day. With everything you need in one place, you wouldn’t have any more excuses to skip out on the daily workout.

Based on Materials from Metro

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