These Stars’ Long-Lasting Marriages Will Make You Believe In Love Again


Jeff Bridges comes from a family of artists. His father is the late great actor Lloyd Bridges, while his mom, Dorothy Bridges, is also a prominent name in the industry. When Jeff was 28-years-old, he met Susan Geston at a ranch where he was shooting. From there, he knew she would be the one for him. At the time, Jeff was not yet ready to settle down and tie the knot. However, when Geston came to L.A. to live with him, she gave him an ultimatum that made him decide to marry her right away.

Jeff and Susan got married in 1977. For 43 years that they have been together, they surely have good investments to make themselves prepared for the future. They luckily became the father and mother of three daughters-Isabel Bridges, Jessica Lily Bridges and Hayley Roselouise Bridges. In October 2020, Jeff announced that he was diagnosed with lymphoma and praised Susan and their relatives for giving him all the “love and support”


Aside from being the famous drummer of the all-time favorite band Beatles, Ringo Starr also tried his luck in the movie industry. He did the movie Caveman in 1981, in which he met his now-wife Barbara Bach. It was not the best time in Starr’s life, but meeting Bach made it the perfect one. The two tied the knot in 1981. They held an ordinary wedding at the MaryLeybone Register in London rather than a spectacular celebration.

Bach has struggled with alcoholism in the past, they lived in a rehabilitation center for four weeks. Since then, the couple have remained sober.They have been married for 39 years. Their relationship remains low-profile since then, but they are surely happy with the love they have for each other. They may never ask the help of their divorce lawyers.


With their 37 years of marriage, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are considered as one of the golden couples of Hollywood. Although the two decided not to put a ring on it, they remain happy and in love with each other. They even manage to stay together longer than any married celebrities. Hawn and Russell both don’t believe in matrimony. They don’t let their selves to be bound by a piece of paper.

But despite not being married, they didn’t stop themselves from having a kid. The two are blessed with a handsome son named Wyatt, who would never need to opt for student loans with the wealth of his parents. They Also raised children from their previous marriage: Russell’s son Boston and Hawn’s children, actor Kate, 41 years old, and Oliver Hudson, 44 years old.


Despite the 25-years age gap, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas who were born on September 25 ,remain madly in love with each other. Jones even made a pre-arrangement that if ever her husband cheated on her, he has to give her $5 million a year. By the looks of it, Douglas doesn’t need to pay his wife even a single cent. Douglas and Zeta-Jones made their debut in 1998, and Douglas who appeared in “Falling Down” knew immediately that they would have a future together.

The two got married in 2000. They became parents of a son, Dylan, and a daughter, Carys. For 20 years, their bond remains strong. With the combined $345 million net worth, they, too, are one of the wealthiest stars in Hollywood. With the projects they did during their prime and staying as the two of the most prominent stars today, they can continue growing their savings with the right investment planning.


In Hollywood, the big age gap is no issue. This thing is already common among stars like Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness. The couple first met on the set of the Australian TV show “Correlli.” The iconic Wolverine star started dating Furness, who is 13 years older than him, at the time he was not a prominent name in Hollywood yet. But, that didn’t stop Furness from falling in love with Jackman.

The two got married in 1996 and were blessed with two children, Oscar Maximilian and Ava Eliot Jackman. Jackman himself designed an engagement ring for Furness, and their wedding ring is engraved in The Sanskrit “Om Paramar Mainamar,” meaning “we devote our marriage to a greater source.”Now that Jackman is one of the most famous actors in the entertainment industry with $150 million net worth, he surely doesn’t have to opt for loans anymore.


You may know Steve Carell as the comedian on television series and movies, but he is a serious guy when it comes to love. When the 57-year-old actor was still a teacher, he fell in love with his student, Nancy Walls. At the time, Walls, who is also an actress, comedian, and writer, was intimidated by Carell. But when she felt comfortable with The Office star’s presence, they started dating. They tied the knot in 1995. Since then, they both have great careers in the entertainment world.

They have been together for 25 years with two kids, John Carell and Elisabeth Anne Carell. Steve and Nancy have a common sense of humor and TV comedy background, which may explain why their long marriage not only survived, but also thrived.With their estimated over $50 million net worth, they surely have a good home security system to keep them safe.


Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa’s love story started in the long-running television series, All My Children. Here they played the roles of Mateo and Hayley, who were both interested in each other. From reel, their relationship became real. To conquer their love, they even ran away to Las Vegas to get married in 1996. For 24 years, they have been happily married. The couple have two sons and one daughter, Michael Joseph, Joaquin Antonio, and Lola Grace.

They bought a house for $27 million from a fashion designer in 2013, making it the second most expensive townhouse sold in NYC that year.Ripa is best known as the host of the morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Consuelo, on the other hand, is part of the CW hit series Riverdale. To make their funds grow, they have investments in the production company, Milojo, together.


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill can be considered as a perfect couple in the music industry. They are both country singers, great stage performers, and, not to mention, award winners, too. They are two of the most successful country singers of all time, selling millions of albums and topping a lot of music charts. Evidently, they are soul mates. When they met each other, it was love at first sight.

Even though they were dating others at the time, they still ended up with each other. They tied the knot in 1996 and have three kids. Tim’s desire for a stable family led him to cut out alcohol, drugs, carbohydrates and sugar, a decision that led to a drastic weight loss. With their 24 years of marriage, they have amassed a net worth of about $170 million that could definitely help them pay for their insurances.


Viola Davis is the first black actress who has won the Triple Crown of Acting – an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and two Tony Awards. It can’t be denied that she is one of the most talented actresses of today, making it on Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2017. Some of the movies she is best known for are Doubt, The Help, and Widows.

Aside from acting, she is also an activist who is working for human and women’s rights. In 2003, she married fellow actor Julius Tennon, who is her co-star in the hit television series How to Get Away with Murder. Davis attributed her success largely to the life she built with Tennon. Considering that she and her husband Julius Tennon have been together for almost 20 years, this is not surprising. Aside from acting, they put their investments in their own production company, JuVee.


Cindy Crawford, 54, celebrated her 22nd wedding anniversary by Posting a romantic photo of her and her husband’s wedding in the Bahamas on social media while in isolation. After a failed relationship with Richard Gere, Cindy Crawford tried another shot at love again with the businessman Rande Gerber. The two tied the knot in 1998. In their 22 years of marriage, they have no issues at all, proving that they are soul mates.

Gerber is the founder of nightlife companies Midnight Oil and the Gerber Group, while Crawford is a famed model and actress. They now have two kids, Kaia Jordan and Presley Walker. Kaia is now following in the steps of her mom and already making a name in the modeling world. With a businessman father, they may be now teaching their kids about the right money management.


Divorce rumors often surround Beyoncé and Jay Z, but, fortunately, that never happened. Although the 38-year-old hitmaker revealed her husband cheated on her in the controversial song Lemonade, they chose to remain married and maintained a whole and happy family. Beyoncé and Jay Z tied the knot in 2008. Beyonce and Jay-Z had one of the most secret celebrity weddings in the world after being spotted getting a marriage license in New York City without telling fans they were engaged.

Despite the issues being thrown at them, they are now celebrating 12 years of being together. The couple now has three kids, Blue Ivy and the twins Rumi and Sir Carter. With their over $1 billion of combined net worth, they are two of the richest stars in the music scene. Surely, it is the product of their hard work and right investment planning.


Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have been together for 20 years now and all along the way, they’ve played by their own rules.Although they have yet to tie the knot, they still managed to be with each other for a long time.Their love journey includes at least two breakups, and two top-secret pregnancies.

Despite working on completely different fields — Iglesias is dubbed to be the King of Latin Pop while Kournikova is a famed tennis player — they are still truly compatible. In 2017, they were blessed with twins, Lucy and Nicholas Iglesias. The kids are only about to turn 2-years-old, so they may always be at home, protected with excellent home security features. These Days, with the Grammy-winning singer and legendary tennis player all focused on family and raising three children, they couldn’t be happier, it seems.


Harrison Ford started in the entertainment world without receiving credits. But as time passed by, the 77-years-old actor proved he has the skills and talents to make him one of the most prominent stars in Hollywood. He has led some of the biggest hit movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Patriot Games. He, too, is an award-winning actor. However, his successful career didn’t speak much for his personal life. He had two failed marriages, fixed by his divorce lawyers. However, everything changed when he met Calista Flockhart.

They started dating in 2002 and tied the knot in 2010. Being together for 18 years and married for 10 years, they’re here to prove that love is alive in Hollywood.When Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart first started dating, their budding romance was viewed with suspicion because of their 22-year age gap. Ten years later, their relationship has gone from strength to strength, enjoying married life and spending enough time with their now teenage son.


You may know Sacha Baron Cohen because of his signature mustache, hats, and scruffy, curly hair, but he is also Isla Fisher’s husband for nine years. Isla Fisher, an atress came from australia is best known for her comedy roles in hit films Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Bachelorette, and showcases her dramatic talents in The Great Gatsby. Fisher is also the author of the famous children’s book series Maggie Is In Charge.

The two have been married since 2010 and are blessed with three kids. They first met in Sydney in 2002. From there, the rest is history. They had proven that love had no boundaries when Fisher decided to convert to his religion – Judaism. Despite the differences, they both understand each other and have high respect for one another. Baron and Fisher remain active in the industry until today. They are probably busy always making sure that they are earning well for their kids so that they can avoid payday loans.


Despite their on-again-off-again relationship when they were still in college, Prince William and Kate Middleton still ended up with each other. On their wedding day in 2011, more than 2 billion people around the world watched their wedding on television.Since the royal wedding has become a global topic in the world in 2011, the scene of the royal wedding appears in Cars 2. Among the characters: Prince Reem, Elizabeth and the Royal Guard. Also on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Shining armor and rhyming Princess is designed by the image of William and Kate.

It is no easy feat to be second in line to the throne and being a Duchess of Cambridge, but the royal couple perfectly does it well. Despite the cheating allegations thrown at them earlier this year, the two remain stronger than ever. They are now celebrating 9 years of marriage, together with their three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. With their wealth and influence, this family is surely far from bankruptcy.


Portia De Rossi , an Australia actress ,who was married to a man called Mel Metcalfe from 1996 to 1999. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi broke the barriers when they tied the knot in 2008. Since they first met, the two have cultivated a true love that may convince millennials that monogamy and marriage can work.They have been in a relationship for 15 years and 12 years in marriage.

Truly, they have come a long way with their romance. People may think DeGeneres got the upper hand in their relationship because of her influence as a talk show host. At home, DeGeneres is the one who has all the say. However, they surely have mutual respect and love for each other. They even share the same interests and love for animals and charitable organizations. Maybe part of their investments went to these causes to help others who are in need.


Despite being in a relationship with big names in the industry like Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake found her “happily ever after” with Jessica Biel. The two tied the knot in 2012, in a ceremony in the Italian countryside, where only their closest friends and family were invited, and their bond continuously goes strong as time goes by.

In 2015, they received the greatest blessing of their lives, when Biel gave birth to their one-and-only son, Silas. With an actress mother and a music genius father, who is also a good businessman, Silas sure has a great future ahead and won’t need student loans when the time comes.The couple’s youngest son was born in September 2020 and his name has not been released. Despite all the external turmoil in their marriage, the relationship seems to be getting closer.


Actress Elizabeth Banks and her husband Max Handelman have been at the forefront of Hollywood as producers, with popular high-profile projects such as the Pitch Perfect series and the new remake of Charlie’s Angel. Given how bizarre celebrity marriages can be, banks and Handelman’s union seems relatively mild. It took ten years before Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman decided to get married in 2003.

The two met when the 45-year-old actress was still in college, and the rest is history. They have been together for a total of 27 years, but they have been only married for 17 years. Anyhow, these numbers are not an easy feat, especially if you’re in Hollywood. The couple has two kids, the first one, a boy named Felix, via surrogacy in March 2011. On November 14, 2012, they had a second boy called Magnus Mitchell Handelman, again via gestational surrogacy.


Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen have been together for 25 years. They got married in 1995 after previous failed marriages. With the number of years that they remained on each other’s side, it may be far that the two will ask the help of their attorneys for divorce. Although they don’t have kids of their own, they have children from their past relationships. Working in the entertainment world keeps them both busy, but not to the point that they don’t have time for each other.

Danson can be seen on the television series The Good Place, while Steenburgen is part of Bless the Hears and On Becoming a God in Central Florida. Long before actor Ted Danson met Mary Steenburgen, Mary was a big fan of Ted. Since Mary and Ted married in 1995, just two years after meeting, the two have appeared in many shows and movies, yet they’ve also found a way to make a Hollywood marriage thrive. Ted said his happiness came from that he married to Mary Steenburgen.


You probably know Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay in the iconic television sitcom Friends. But, did you know she has been married to Michel Stern since 1995? The two have been together for 25 years now. In a strange incident, the two meet at the wrong time and the wrong place. Lisa and Michelle met when he was dating the actress’s French roommate. Kudrow fell in love with him at first sight, but for the sake of her friend, she fought to keep it in check.

For two decades, the couple doted on their children, with only one son, Julian Murray Stern. Although the 56-year-old star admitted that they, too, face relationship issues just like any married couple, they make sure to fix their problems immediately. As they are from different fields, Kudrow is an actress while Stern is an advertising executive, they may be teaching one another what the other doesn’t know, like investment planning. With proper communication and love for each other, they manage to stay happily married.



Robin Roberts and Amber Laign have been together for 15 years now. They look as happy as ever whenever they are seen out and about. They two reportedly met for drinks on a blind date, which they also tried to cancel twice. Surely, they had no trouble paying for their expenses with their credit cards at the time. When they finally met each other after the third try, there was an instant connection that resulted in the 15 years of love they have today.

In July 2020, the couple celebrated their 15th anniversary together. Robin produced a special collage containing 15 photos of them together over the past 15 years. Laign re-shared the post on social media. The couple is very low-key. You don’t often see Amber in the spotlight, but Instagram always has pictures of them in love. To this day, the couple still supports each other throughout their careers.


Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges are probably one of Hollywood’s couples with the most exciting dynamics. The two met in 1990 in a bar where Steve was doing a stand-up comedy skit. Apparently, for Steve, it was love at first sight. However, the two did not date until their paths crossed again in 2005, and finally decided to tie the knot in June of 2007. By this time, both of them already had families outside of their union.

But Steve and Marjorie found a way to blend the two families by breaking down the barriers of being each other’s stepmom and stepdad. Marjorie said to the children, “everyone is included. Everyone has access to their parents. Whatever you haven’t had before, don’t let that interfere with what you have now. “Today, along with their joint investments, Marjorie and Steve have a big family of seven kids and five grandchildren. Bet there’s never a dull moment in their family gatherings.


The Today Show host, Hoda Kotb, has been in a relationship with Joel Schiffman for 7 years. Schiffman is a businessman and owns massive investments in a management company. Patient, friendly and sincere Joel asked Hoda for her signature. They met and developed a relationship quickly. Hoda thought Joel was the partner she wanted. They have not gotten married yet but are serious in the relationship, which is probably why they have been taking their time before saying their wedding vows.

They haven’t been together for the longest time like other couples in this list, but their love continues to inspire. Within the span of their relationship, they have already adopted two girls. Fortunately, the couple got engaged on a beach holiday in Mexico in November 2019, but due to the new crown epidemic, they had to postpone their original marriage date, perhaps next autumn.


Danny DeVito continued to make us laugh in the show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He continues to appear in various films too. Rhea Perlman is also an actress known for her role in the sitcom Cheers. They first met in 1971, in the play The Shrinking Bride, where Danny was part of the cast. The couple decided to live together. After 11 years of living together, they eventually said their I Dos. They have been married for 38 years now.

Over the years, the two have worked together on many occasions, including in DeVito’s classic TV show ‘Taxi’ and the 1996 family film ‘Matilda’, in which they played a married couple. Unfortunately, DeVito and Perlman split up in 2017, but they are not divorced. “They do live apart, but they see each other often.” DeVito told people that he had a “very close” relationship with Perlman.


Robert Duvall has been acting since the 60s and became famous in the 1970s. He has won five Academy Awards. His net worth continues to increase up until now. His growing investments come from the entertainment industry. He starred in ’The Twilight Zone’,  ’The Godfather ‘, ’The Handmaid’s Tale’. His films were well-received by his adoring fans and worldwide audience. He made an appearance in his latest project in 2019, Widows Unmasked: A Chicago Story.

Before that, the actor had been married three times. His current wife, Luciana Pedraza is 41 Years younger than Robert. But despite the massive age gap between them, they found love. Robert and Luciana started dating in 1997. After eight years, he married Pedraza in 2005. For years, Pedraza has asked Duvall to do yoga to stay young and healthy. They’ve been together for 23 years and are happy in each other’s arms.


Melissa and Timothy haven’t been together for very long compared to other celebrities on this list. But we find that their 8-year love relationship is worth mentioning because of how deep and genuine they show their affection to be for one another. These two are so compatible together; they share not only the same interests but also the same taste. They met in a bar, got married in 2013, and the rest is history.

Melissa takes credit for her role in the show Little House on the Praire, while Timothy was known for his appearances in Thirty Something and Sleepy Hollow. They share the same mindset and plan to venture into opening their own theater company. For Gilbert, Busfield is not just her husband and “partner,” but a Hollywood star, film director, Emmy Award winner and loving father of three children.


America’s sweetheart has her fair share of failed relationships, from Keifer Sutherland to Liam Neeson. She also experienced needing the help of divorce lawyers when her marriage with Lyle Lovett also failed in 1995. However, when she met Daniel Moder, everything changed. The two met while making the film “Mexicans,”(2001) in which Moder is a photographer. They tied the knot in 2002 and seemed to be a perfect match.

Roberts is a famed actress, her masterpieces are ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990), ‘Erin Brockovich’ (2000), while Moder is a cinematographer. For 18 years, they already shared three kids, Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry Daniel. With their stable jobs and huge net worth, they can surely provide everything that their family needs. Their kids also don’t have to opt for student loans. Their parents may have already secured their future! Recently, Roberts shared a lovely self-portrait with her husband, writing “18 years.”


Kevin Bacon is only married once, and it is to his wife for 32 years — Kyra Sedgwick. Hence, he never needed the help of attorneys. They officially got to know each other in the production of the 1988 TV movie Lemon Sky, although they already had a talk in a diner years before that. From there, they didn’t know their lives would change. The two tied the knot in 1988. They also worked together in the 2004 film The Woodsman.

They are both good actors that each made a name for themselves in Hollywood. Bacon is known for his incredible acting talent in movies like Footloose, JFK, A Few Good Man, and many more. Sedgwick, on the other hand, is famously known for her role as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on the TNT crime drama The Closer that earned her a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award.


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are among Hollywood’s A-list couples. A lot of people know Tom Hanks for his award-winning movies like Forrest Gump, Cast Away, The Green Mile, and many more. Meanwhile, Rita Wilson, is also a prominent name in the entertainment world. She has been in the industry for over four decades and is best known for the movies Jingle All the Way, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Sleepless in Seattle. She even has her own star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Like many celebrity relationships, their relationship begins with a shared commitment to a project. The two co-starred in the 1984 movie “Volunteers”, and love began here. After less than two years of dating, the couple got married in 1988. Now, they have a total of four children, two of whom were born to Tom and his ex-wife, and the other two were the children of the couple after they were together.


A lot of hearts were left broken when Matt Damon married Luciana Barroso in 2005. Damon is one of the most remarkable people on earth. He is talented and successful. Unlike her husband, Barroso prefers to keep her life away from the camera. According to reports, Barroso used to be a waitress in Miami before she tied the knot with Damon, Damon saw Barroso while filming the comedy ‘Stick On You'(2003). The two have been married for 15 years, and they now have three kids, Isabella, Gia Zavala, and Stella Damon.

Despite that, she managed to adapt to the lifestyle and fashion in Hollywood, gracing red carpet events with her husband loud and proud. Barroso remains humble, and she may be the reason why Damon has also kept his feet on the ground despite his success. Barroso manages to keep things in order at home, and they, too, surely have a good home security system to protect them.


Despite the temptations of the world they are into, Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest have stood the test of time and proved that love is alive. Their love story is quite unbelievable — it seemed to have been derived from a fairy tale. The moment Curtis saw Guest’s photo from the Rolling Stone magazine, she knew she would marry him one day. She managed to get his number after she learned that they shared the same agency.

Curtis and Guest tied the knot in 1984, Guest and Curtis, 72, are each other’s first and only spouses. Their 36 years of marriage gave them two kids, Annie,34 and Thomas Guest, 24. In 2015, Curtis joked at “Today Show” that her secret to longevity was “Don’t divorce.” She recently released a black-and-white photo of a couple holding hands to express her love for Guest. They surely never opted for personal loans when they decided to seal their relationship with a vow.


One of the most famous couples of today is Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. With their equally good looks and style, you can say that they are a match made in heaven. Victoria made a name in the music scene in the ‘90s as part of the girl group Spice Girls. Now, she is a fashion icon and designer. Her husband, David, was a football icon. He is a former footballer, the current president of Inter Miami CF, and a businessman.

After meeting at a charity football match in 1997, David and Victoria began to meet regularly on a series of low-key dates. In 1999, they married at Luttrelllstown castle, near Dublin. From raising four children to developing their spotlight career, they rely on each other and learn from each other. In 2014, the couple launched their own whisky, Haig Club. Meanwhile, Victoria opened its own clothing brand, increasing its turnover from 1 million pounds to 30 million pounds in five years.


It was so sweet how Saturday Night Live stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall ended up together. The two met when they were still in college, Louis Dreyfus was auditioning at the theater production hall. Since they tied the knot in 1987, they have been together for 33 years. In many aspects of life, they were opposite. Hall is a California boy who likes surfing. In business, Louis Dreyfus, the actor, and her husband, who is the director, have professional cooperation from time to time.

Despite their busy schedules in the entertainment world, the couple sure knows how to put some balance on everything. They perfectly manage their work and family life. In fact, for Louis-Dreyfus, her family is the most important thing in the world, so she makes it her priority. She also said that their marriage is a result of a lot of hard work. She did all the best she could to keep it healthy and nurtured. If only there is insurance for marriage, Louis-Dreyfus may have opted for that.


Angela Bassett and fellow actor Courtney B. Vance have been together for 23 years. They met at Yale Drama School. At first, they were not lovers, but friends. They first dated in 1994, married in 1997, and met twins Bronwyn Golden and Slater Josiah through surrogacy in January 2006. When it comes to the secret of a long-term marriage, Bassett says it’s “marry the right person and allow your partner enough freedom.”

The couple is familiar faces on the screen, and Bassett was seen almost every year in the 1990s. If Bassett has American Horror Story, Vance has American Crime Story. Aside from being a mainstay on AHS, Bassett can also be seen in ’9-1-1’, ‘ Avengers: Endgame.’ The two are still actively working in the entertainment industry to provide for their family, as well as to pay for their home insurance.


Keith Richards is famously known as a musician, singer, and songwriter. He is one of the co-founders of the legendary rock band Rolling Stones, being the group’s guitarist, secondary vocalist, and co-principal songwriter. Despite some beliefs that rock stars are promiscuous, Richards is actually not. He’s only married once and is now celebrating 37 years of marriage with Patti Hansen. Hansen met Richards while celebrating her 23rd birthday in 1979, then their fates began to meet.

Evidently, Richards is a one-woman man. Despite the divorce and separation rumors, the couple remains strong together. They’ve been through all the storms together, especially the health challenge. Hansen had breast cancer in 2005, and Richards had brain bleeding the same year. In 2007, Hansen was diagnosed with bladder cancer again, and they carried out several chemotherapy and surgery until she recovered. Now, they are blessed with two children, Alexandra and Theodora Richards, who are now both grownups and successful in their own fields.


Although Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have only been married for 6 years, they have been together for 15 years. The two met in New York in 2003, when Burtka was performing Sam Mendez’s version of the Gypsy on Broadway, while Harris was doing the Mendes version. Knowing Burtka was gay, Harris began to find ways to meet him and go to Burtka’s activities. His perseverance was rewarded, and they soon started dating. Finally, They broke barriers when they tied the knot in 2014.

Aside from being the #CoupleGoals in their annual family Halloween costumes, they also inspire a lot of people, especially in the LGBTQ community. They are good fathers to their twins. They may also have investments to secure for their future. Harris does almost everything — he is an actor, comedian, writer, producer, magician, and singer. He is best known for the television series How I Met your Mother. Burtka, on the other hand, is a professional chef, aside from being an actor.


Meryl Streep and Don Gummer have proven that love can last forever. Streep is one of the most prominent names in Hollywood. From ‘Trelawny of the Wells’ to ‘The Devil Wears Prada ‘, She has won the most number of Oscar nominations than anyone in the business — thanks to her incredible acting skills. Gummer, of course, has been Streep’s strong support system from the time they began to be in a relationship.

The two have been married for 42 years since they tied the knot in 1978. They even remain sweet to each other until today. At the 2012 Academy Awards ceremony, Streep told her husband, “Thank you for giving me the most precious thing in my life.” Now, they raise four children, each of whom is brilliant in different fields. Henry, 39, is a musician, Mamie, 35, and grace, 33, are actresses; Louisa, 27, is a model.


Amy Adams is best known for her comedic and dramatic stints. To prove her success, she has been in the annual rankings of highest-paid actresses in the world three times, amassing to her a whopping $60 million net worth. She is also an award-winning actress with two Golden Globes as well as nominations for six Academy Awards and seven British Academy Film Awards. Like Adams, Le Gallo is also an actor with ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Date Night.’

Her husband, Darren Le Gallo, is truly a lucky one. The two engaged in 2008, got married in 2015, although they have been together for 18 years. They have grown stronger together, which is probably the result of good investment planning for their family. The couple is very low-key, especially since Adams has publicly opted out of social media, fans can see the sweet interaction on her husband’s Instagram account.


After a failed marriage, Will Smith found love again with Jada Pinkett Smith. They have become one of the most powerful and influential couples in Hollywood since they tied the knot in 1997. They have no regular marriage, Pinkett cried when she learned she was pregnant because she didn’t want to get married, but she finally went to the wedding under the pressure of her mother and society.

Although the intimate relationship between his wife Jada and R & B singer August caused great controversy four years ago, the two have never avoided discussing the ups and downs of their relationship. Now they just call each other “life partners”. In addition to being open to marriage and work, they raised three kids and are both successful in their own fields – Will as an actor and rapper, while Jada as actress, comedian, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, and businesswoman.


Seth Rogen has been the funny guy since his teenage years. So, it is no surprise that he ended up as a comedian. He also has an incredible wit, making him a famed writer, producer, and director. With his good sense of humor and intelligence, Lauren Miller got attracted to him. The two met on Da Ali G Show. Since then, they have been inseparable. They started dating in 2004. After six years, they got engaged. In 2011, they tied the knot.

They have been married for 9 years. Last year, when the couple celebrated their seventh annual Hilarity For Charity variety show, they held an adult-only Carnival in a new way, raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, and the couple always helped people suffering from the disease in their own unique and humorous way. Together, they have surely made several investments in love and finances.


Who would have thought Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. would end up together? They have conquered the television screens and movie theaters in the ‘90s. Gellar has been known for her character in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while Prinze made a name for himself as the boy next door in romantic teen movies. They met on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer, which suddenly changed their lives. They first became friends until their friendship turned into something romantic.

In 2002, they decided to finally tie the knot. They now have two kids, Charlotte Grace and Rocky James Prinze. Surely, they will do everything to give them proper education, and they won’t even have to opt for student loans. The couple had more than once shared the reasons for their successful marriage. They always kept a low profile, because keeping the media out of contact with them would help their marriage. Their forthright personality also helped them solve problems in time when they had differences and makeup as before.


Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner are prominent names in Hollywood. Tomlin is a famed actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer, while Wagner is a writer, director, and producer, who is known as Tomlin’s collaborator and wife. Although they have been only married for 7 years, they have been together for 43 years. Truly, these two are relationship goals for managing to stick with one another through good times and bad. They decided to tie the knot in 2013 in an intimate, private affair.

Although many eyebrows were raised when they got married, the two didn’t care as they proved that love always wins. They co-authored the famous works “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe,” “The Incredible Shrinking Woman,” and the Grammy-nominated album “Modern Scream and On Stage” For that, they are continuously receiving high praise and credits.


Who doesn’t know Elton John? He is one of the greatest singers, songwriters, pianists, and composers of all time. He has already sold a staggering 300 million records, making him one of the world’s best-selling music artists. He surely doesn’t need payday loans for that. He is also an award-winning artist with a lot under his belt. As successful as his music career is his love life.

In 1993, John and the Canadian filmmaker David Furnish started dating. 12 years later, they tied the knot. Furnish has produced several films, ‘Gnomeo & Juliet’, ‘Sherlock Gnomes.’ He is a member of the board of directors of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which has raised more than $400 million to support global AIDS-related programs. They have been together for 27 years and have two sons by proxy. In addition, they are the godfather of Brooklyn, the son of David and David Beckham.


Douglas and Anne Buydens may be the oldest couple that you can see. The two have been together for 66 years and are both in their centennial years. But Douglas’s lasting marriage did not originate from love at first sight. It actually started in 1953 with a little sour satisfaction. As a successful and popular movie star for most women, Douglas was surprised that Buydens refused his original date request. Fortunately, Buydens saw the difference between Douglas and other Hollywood actors. They started dating and married in 1954.

Douglas is a renowned actor during his time and is one of the last surviving stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He has passed his acting skills and talents to his son with Diana Douglas – Michael Douglas. Buydens, on the other hand, is a philanthropist, producer, and occasional actress, who has been a member of the International Best Dressed List since 1970. Douglas and Buydens’ marriage sure proves that Hollywood love can last.


Ozzy Osbourne might have made a lot of investments through his earnings as a Black Sabbath member. He came to prominence during the 1970s as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band. At the time, he was even dubbed as “The Prince of Darkness.” Aside from being a rock star, Ozzy is also a songwriter, actor, and television personality. In 1982, he married his music manager, Sharon Osbourne, who eventually became a television personality as well.

With their kids, they used to have a reality television show, The Osbournes. The couple’s marriage has been threatened after Ozzy has done a lot of things, including his four-year relationship with hairstylist Michelle Pugh making headlines in 2016. Despite the divorce rumors that have been thrown at them before, the couple has been together for 38 years and has three children – Aimee, Kelly and Jack.


Sarah Jessica Parker became a household name when she appeared on the famed HBO television series, Sex and the City. Her stint as Carrie Bradshaw earned her two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. In 1997, Parker tied the knot with fellow actor Matthew Broderick, who is also a comedian and singer. The two have been together for 23 years and are blessed with three children.

Their relationship began on Broadway in 1991, and a year later, Broderick called Parker to ask her out. After four years of dating, they co-starred in ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.’ Despite being in the entertainment world, Parker and Broderick chose to live a private life. As they are both successful in the entertainment business, they can surely live away from the limelight but still earn a good credit score.


Denzel Washington is one of the greatest actors of today. With his incredible talent, he has received two Golden Globe awards, one Tony Award, and two Academy Awards. The film industry has been his life, but little did he know that he would also meet his wife here. Denzel met Pauletta Washington while doing the 1977 film, Wilma, which was led by the 69-year-old actress. At the time, he quickly fell in love with her. However, some reports said Denzel asked Pauletta for marriage three times, but she rejected him.

Fortunately, in 1983, they ended up tying the knot. Although their marriage looks so perfect, Denzel denies all rumors of infidelity and divorce, but he does admit that marriage is difficult and that they “experience ups and downs like any other couple.” In any case, they have survived all the difficulties and have been together for 37 years. They have both sons and daughters. Mutual respect and understanding may be the secret of how they can last for a long time.


Snoop Dogg has too many great talents, which helped him amass a $124 million net worth. Aside from being a famous rapper, the 48-year-old star is also a songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, actor, and media personality. His famous albums include The Chronic (1992), Tha Doggfather (1996), Da Game is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told (1998), No Limit Top Dogg (1999). Surely, he knows a lot about business and investment planning.

In 1997, Snoop Dogg married Shante Taylor. However, under pressure from fame and touring, the relationship began to crumble, and snoop filed for a divorce in 2004 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. However, it is clear that he remains distressed by the decision. Fortunately, Snoop Dogg realized his love for his wife and family that he fixed their marriage himself. The couple then rekindled their romance. Now, Snoop Dogg and Taylor have been living happily together for 23 years.


Bob Eubanks made a name as a disc jockey, television personality, and game show host. He became a household name when he fronted the long-running 1960s show The Newlywed Game on and off. The show came to an end in 2013. After asking the help of his divorce lawyers, he tried another shot at love, which seems to have become successful this time. In 2004, Eubanks tied the knot with Deborah James. The two have been together for 16 years.

Bob Eubanks and Deborah James prove that age differences are not a barrier to true love. Deborah, 29 years younger than her husband, is a former model, actress, event/wedding coordinator, and owns her own company, Bella Vita Events. They met in a Make Wish Foundation. Despite their differences, they are happily living together. They are blessed with one child, Noah Eubanks, who is now all grown-up.


Rod Stewart is one of the most respected rock stars today. His songs made waves in the 1970s and considered classic hits. Having sold over 100 million records in every part of the globe made Stewart the legendary music artist that he is today and one of the best-selling music artists of all time. He is also on the 33rd spot of the top 100 greatest singers to ever grace the industry. These achievements might be the reason why he has a good credit report.

Penny Lancaster might be one of the luckiest girls alive for being his wife. She was a British model, photographer and television celebrity, briefly becoming a celebrity ambassador for the 2002 lingerie brand Ultimo. The two tied the knot in 2007. Despite the 27-year age gap, they have been together for 13 years. They have two children, Alistair and Aiden. Although Rod has been married three times before, it is the longest marriage a rock singer has ever had.


Stephen Glenn Martin popularly known as Steve Martin is one of the most famous stand-up comedians in Hollywood. He started to be known as the writer of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in the 1960s and as a frequent guest on The Tonight Show. Of course, his efforts to make people laugh didn’t go unnoticed. He has a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, and an American Comedy Award. With his wit, humor, and talent, Martin made the writer Anne Stringfield fall in love despite the age gap.

The two tied in the knot in a private, intimate affair in 2007. They have been happily together for 13 years. In 2012, Stringfield gave birth to their daughter, who doesn’t need to worry about student loans when she grows up. Being the well-established actor that Steve is, we are sure that he made millions already and has a spare for his daughter.


William Shatner has become a cultural icon for playing the role of Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. After being typecast for his role as Captain James t. Kirk, William experienced a significant loss and meagerness when he wasn’t able to find new parts. However, he eventually succeeded in landing high paying roles that made the 89-year-old star earned him a $150 million net worth. Aside from being an actor, he is also an author, producer, director, and singer.

He wrote books about his experience in filming Star Trek and life after it. Other than this, he might also know a thing or two about investments. In 2001, William tied the knot with his fourth wife, Elizabeth Shatner. However, their marriage came to an end in 2019 when William filed a divorce from Elizabeth. The divorce got finalized in January of 2020 that made their supposed 19 years of marriage come to an end.


Sam Elliott’s lean body, thick mustache, deep voice, and Western accent helped him make it big in Hollywood. He is often offered cowboy and rancher roles due to his signature look and style. He is now leading the television series The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. Recently, he received recognition and nominations for his role in A Star Is Born, where he played Bradley Cooper’s older brother.

Indeed, at 76 years old, there is no stopping Elliott from acting and, of course, loving his wife for 36 years, Katharine Ross. The two met in 1978 when they worked together in the movie The Legacy. They then started dating and tied the knot in 1984, and in the same year, they were blessed with a daughter. As they are both active in the industry and have busy schedules, the couple may have a financial advisor to help them with their expenses.


Loni Anderson conquered the small screens in the 1980s. She rose to prominence when she played the role of the receptionist, Jennifer Marlow, on the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, which earned her three Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Award nominations. However, her career declined when she worked on a movie that received a lot of negative reviews. Unfortunately, her love life was not as successful as her career in the entertainment world. For three times, Anderson needed the help of her divorce attorneys.

She has three failed marriages until she met Bob Flick, a musician and member of the folk band The Brothers Four. Anderson tried her luck in love again, and this time, she succeeded. The two tied the knot in 2008. The two have been together for 12 years. Although they did not have a child, they are still living happily together. Her last known appearance was in 2018, promoting WKPR on a local TV network.


John Cleese is one of the few actors who soured his career throughout the decades. John significantly managed his successful career with left and right projects and recognition. However, as his career set on the sail, his relationships sink. After three failed marriages, John Cleese found the love of his life with Jennifer Wade. The famed actor, voice actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer married Wade in 2012.

It looks like the 80-year-old star will never need the help of his divorce lawyers again as they have stayed married for 8 years now. In fact, in an interview in July, the Monty Python star said that he finally got it right with his fourth wife. He also advised everyone to find a wife that would really want to make it work. However, we all know that it is more than that – love and respect must be well intact with them for them to go on being married.


Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins is one of the most brilliant and legendary actors in Hollywood. At 83 years old, he has received several awards and recognitions for his incredible acting talent and skills, particularly in Silence of the Lambs and Hanibal. Queen Elizabeth herself knighted the Hannibal star for his services and contributions to the arts in 1993. His fame never withdrew from the public as he never once had a bad movie.

Today, he is popularly known for his roles as Odin in Thor and as Pope Benedict XVI in The Two Popes. Knowing his $160 million net worth, he must regularly enlist the help of a respectable financial advisor. Hopkins has been married thrice and tried his shot at love again when he tied the knot with Stella Arroyave in 2003. Despite the almost 20-year gap, their love grew evidently strong as they have been married for 17 years now.


Love is sweeter the second time – it seems right for Judge Judy and Jerry Sheindlin who are married for 42 years already. Judge Judy takes credit for her famous and long-running TV show,, while Jerry Sheindlin is also a judge who became a TV personality when he became the arbitrator in The People’s Court in 1999. As Judge Judy continues to set new highs and achievements in her TV career, her husband, Jerry Sheindlin, shows continued support.

Judge Judy and Jerry Sheindlin were first married in 1977 and after 18 years of being together, the two filed for divorce. But it seems that their love is strong that they both rewed in 1990. Since then, they are inseparable. Even if they seem to have a rivalry as they both star in a legal-based TV program, the couple managed to make their marriage work and not let their work wreck them.


Adam Sandler is a popular comedian who is well-loved for his funny, witty, and loving personality. All the films that featured him were a massive comedy success. He takes full credit for his impressive earnings throughout his film career because he is a talented comedian who also established a Happy Madison Productions production house. Despite his busy and high-profile career, he managed to have a working relationship with his wife and a tight bond with his family.

Adam Sandler is one admirable man from his career to his relationship. He has been married to Jackie Sandler since 2003. They first met on the set of one of his movies, Big Daddy. Jackie was an extra at the time when their love started to blossom behind the scenes. One can’t help but imagine how funny and lively their marriage might be. Knowing that Adam has made many investments already, it is safe to say that there is no need for his wife to be on screen all the time as they already have the means.


The Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek is known for keeping a private love life. There aren’t many written or known figures linked to her or relationships that she publicly got into. For this reason, Salma managed to have a good marriage with her husband, Francois Henri-Pinault. However, of course, no matter how much she tried to hide it, the paparazzi will always find a way to learn more about her life and relationships.

Francois-Henri Pinault is a billionaire and CEO of Kering. It was beyond public knowledge that Salma and Francois were already in a relationship not until 2007. Salma and Francois-Henri got married in 2007. At that time, she was already pregnant with the billionaire’s child, and none of this got leaked. You have to give them credit for being private in everything they do. They gave the paparazzi a run for their money. They’ve been together for 13 years and are happy living a private family life.


Sophia Loren is a well-acclaimed and accomplished actress. She is well known in the industry for her film appearances during Hollywood’s Golden Age. She is one of Hollywood’s great legends. She takes credit for winning numerous awards over the year, such as a Grammy, a BAFTA, and five Golden Globes. Known for Italian heritage and beauty, it was no wonder she captured the hearts of many men. However, despite ensnaring hundreds of hearts, hers was captured only by her one true love – Carlo Ponti Sr.

Sofia first met Carlo Ponti Sr. when she was 16-years-old. The two were madly in love that they got married in 1957. Their marriage got annulled due to legality issues as Carlo was not yet divorced from his first wife. Between the time of their separation, Sophia had a short involvement with an actor but found herself still in love with Carlo. Come 1966, and the two remarried after Carlo was granted a divorce from his wife. The couple remained married until the last days of Carlo in 2007.


LaTanya Richardson and Samuel L Jackson have been married for 50 years now. They’ve been together for almost their entire lifetime. Their relationship surely is inspiring as they are known for their public displays of affection across social media platforms, which just seems pretty adorable at their age. It seems they are a match made in heaven as the couple has no records of a prior divorce case, making them each other’s first love.

Samuel, who started his acting career on high notes, seems to be grounded by his wife of 50 years, Latanya Richardson. The two got married in 1980 just when Samuel started his career, but they met a few years back when they were in college. They are both experienced actors and have a good understanding of how the other works, so it’s no wonder that they are able to support one another’s career whole-heartedly. They do not appear to be retiring soon and are enjoying their earnings. Their investments continue to grow in both love and career.


George Strait is an icon in the music scene. He is one of the world’s most influential musicians, especially in the country music genre. He takes credit for his original country sound and behind the success is his wife Norma Strait who he has been married to for 49 years now. George and Norma are high school sweethearts. Unlike other celebrities, George was lucky enough to find his soulmate and did not suffer a painful divorce. They live a pretty ordinary and private life together.

Norma continues to be a pillar of support and love for her husband. She gave him the motivation to write songs, and their love continues to show in his music. The couple had their share of ups and downs in life, but these two held it together and made each other stronger. Now, they enjoy living in luxury as George has made tremendous investments in his early years in his career.


The talented actor, Wesley Snipes, is most famous for his role in the Blade movies and Demolition Man. The man who seemed to have peaked during the 90s suffered a great loss due to legal battles. However, during those hard times with him is his wife, Nakyung Park. His wife, Nakyung Park, is a South Korean artist who has stood by him through thick and thin. She stood by him despite his absence and waited for his return.

Now a free man, he continues to live a happy life with his wife of 17 years and their four kids. Snipes, who is now back in the acting scene, has regained his loss and can still live in comfort. It is all thanks to his wife and, of course, their financial advisor. He is recently seen in the all-star action film The Expendables just one year after his release. Hopefully, it’ll be smooth sailing for him starting now.


Warren Beatty is a master filmmaker and actor. He takes major credit for starring in Rules Don’t Apply, Heaven Can Wait, and Dick Tracy. In the span of his career, he’s been nominated for the Oscars 14 times, and he’s not done yet. Warren Beatty was one of the most sought-after leading men during his time. Handsome and hunk as he is, a lot of women fell head over heels on him. A lot – meaning hundreds, probably even thousands, of them, but Warren got smitten by Annette Bening.

What made Annette fall in love with the crooner? It was Warren’s great acting talent that was one of the reasons why Annette Bening fell in love with him. She fell in love with his multiple personas on-screen. Alongside is his being ladies’ man. But it all ended when they got married in 1992 and have four children together. His latest work was in the documentary Hollywood Renegade.


Jerry Hall is an amazing actress and model. Rupert Murdoch, on the other hand, is a highly acclaimed media personality. They started dating in 2015. Two months after, they got married. The pair felt a strong connection, and it seemed that marriage was the right fit for them. They have been married for four years now and look perfect together. Before Jerry Hall, Rupert had gotten divorced three times. It was just recent that Rupert tried his luck in love again and married Jerry Hall.

At the age of 89, Rupert Murdoc is still very active in the industry. Murdoch’s investments have led him to achieve a colossal amount of 13 billion dollars in his bank account. It was just recently that he was chosen to be the acting CEO of Fox News. Jerry continues to support him strongly every step of the way, and Rupert is on Jerry’s career.


All music fans out there definitely know who Paul McCartney is. Paul became famous for being the bass guitarist of The Beatles, the most iconic band in the world. Their group continued to influence pop culture today, and they have been included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He recently released his latest album Egypt Station in 2018. Paul’s investments give him a total net worth of 1.2 billion dollars. Making him one of the richest musicians of all time.

As his marriage seems to have no success over time, being his first wife died due to breast cancer and a failed marriage with his second, Paul gave love a third chance when he met Nancy Shevell. Nancy Shevell and Paul Mccartney have known each other for a long time since they were neighbors. He dated Nancy Shevell, who was 17 years younger. They got married in 2011. They don’t have children yet but are enjoying their time together as a happy couple.


When Ina was 15 years old, Jeffrey Garten already set his eyes on her. He was completely smitten by her and didn’t think twice about sending her a love letter. Initially, things didn’t work in his favor, but eventually, the two became closer. Ina is an accomplished nuclear budget analyst, while Jeffrey Works in the state department. Ina and Jeffrey are the definitions of a power couple. The two have striving careers to credit, and together, they empower each other.

However, their relationship wasn’t always a walk in the park. The couple had to work really hard to make their relationship work. Insiders reported that they had a long-distance relationship because of their commitments. They didn’t get to see each other often. However, they choose to keep their relationship despite not seeing each other always. Instead, they grew much fonder of each other. Their love story continues to inspire until now.


Sting and Trudie Styler is one of Hollywood’s ultimate power couple. The pair is so romantic, they openly gush about one another often. Watching the two just makes you believe in true love. Even the paparazzi enjoy their public display of affection. They don’t really mind other people around them just as long as they are together. Sting and Trudie had a very controversial love affair. Before marrying Trudie, Sting was married to his first wife, Trudie’s best friend.

Adding to the rumor is that the affair started even before Sting and his first wife got divorced. However, none of them matter now as Sting and Trudie are evidently made for each other. Sting is a popular musician while Styler is a famous producer, which makes them such a lovely pair as they both work in the music industry. They give about the same effort and love on their investments, both in love and their craft.


Bruce and Patti have the strongest chemistry as a couple in the industry. They have been married for 27 years, which is something that you can boast about. Bruce takes credit for being part of the group E Street Band. With their hard work, they were able to achieve success. Patti was his backup singer, and it didn’t take long for the two to fall in love on stage and behind the scenes. Bruce was married at the time, though.

He was married to the model-actress Juliane Philips for four years before deciding to conclude it in 1989. After he finalized his divorce, they got into a three-year relationship before getting married in 1991. Going strong and showing no signs of hiring a divorce lawyer, they now have three beautiful and grown-up children together. Clearly, it doesn’t matter what you do and who you are in finding success in love, as evidenced by Bruce and Patti’s love story.


Bono first rose to fame with his band U2. The Irish singer has been married to the lovely Alison Hewson for 37 years now, who also happens to be Irish. We believe that this was one of the reasons why the two had a long-lasting relationship. Especially in a world of rock stars and fame, you got to give them credit for it. Being part of a globally famous band, U2, Bono had many chances to meet celebrities and famous personalities to fall in love with.

However, Bono has his heart attached to one, and that is Alison. Bono and Alison met when they were teenagers and studying at Mount Temple Comprehensive school in 1976. They started dating and continued to keep in touch and catch up with each other from time to time. The couple got married in 1982 and have kept their family life private. Together, they share the same interest and beliefs in life, which made us think about why they clicked and managed to have a lasting relationship.


Michael J. Fox became famous for starring in the ABC sitcom Spin City then made global success in the movie Back to the Future. As the film is a huge success, his earnings and bank credits became huge, setting him for the rest of his life. He undoubtedly won’t be filing for bankruptcy anytime soon. However, Michael had a very tough life amidst his popularity. Thankfully he had Tracy by his side throughout the years. The two met on the set of the sitcom Bright Lights, Big City.

They weren’t a hit in an instant as Tracy once had a long-standing relationship with Kevin Bacon. However, after a few years, the two started to keep an eye on each other and eventually dated. Now, the couple is 32 years married. Their marriage got tested when Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It was his lowest point in life, which caused his depression. Thankfully, Tracy didn’t give up on him and their family, and they pulled through the difficult situation. This proves that young love can stay true, even up to your adult years.


The dynamic actor John Travolta never fails to amaze us with every performance he puts up on film or stage. He is known for his roles in the films Saturday Night Fever, Face-Off, Pulp Fiction, and Broken Arrow. His success in the movie industry did not only give him a comfortable life but a lavish one! His investments include a private airport at home in different countries. Along with his success is his wife of 29 years, Kelly Preston.

John Travolta may have one of the best careers to date, ranging from action to drama to comedy, but his personal life was not that easy. His first wife, Diana Hyland, died of breast cancer. After a few years, he met Kelly Preston on the set of the film The Experts. They got married in 1991 and now have three kids together. A tragic incident struck their life when his first son passed due to a seizure during Christmas vacation in 2009. It rocked the couple’s marriage, but they managed to stick together until Kelly Preston’s passing in July 2020.


In Hollywood, divorces are quite common for couples. But there are a few celebrities who are an exception. Greg Mathis and Linda Reese’s marriage are one of them. They have been married for 35 years. They don’t need a lawyer to get a divorce anytime soon because they have proven that love is enough to keep the relationship alive. Greg Mathis became a public figure when he starred in a courtroom tv show. However, his success was a rag to riches kind of story.

When Mathis was 17, he went to jail but was able to pull his act together. He became interested in public administration and made his way to earning a law degree. His hard work, perseverance, and support from his wife Linda Reese, whom he met during his college years, powered him through it all. To this date, Judge Mathis holds the record of the longest-running courtroom arbitration next to Judge Judy.


The journalist Wolf Blitzer has been married to Lynn Greenfield for almost five decades now. Lynn may not be as popular as her husband and has kept a low profile, but she made a name for herself as an accomplished businesswoman. She’s one of the country’s most successful florists and definitely one of the best in the industry. Wolf Blitzer, on the other hand, is a famous journalist and author. If you don’t know, Wolf was the man behind the Gulf War coverage in Kuwait and the coverage of Jonathan Pollard’s arrest and trial.

As a renowned journalist, Blitzer has made a hefty amount for himself, but his wife also got a fair share. Aside from their investments, Lynn and Wolf have a lifetime of experience that they can share with each other. The couple got married in 1973 and share a beautiful daughter together, Ilana Blitzer. They live happily together in the friendly neighborhood of Bethesda, Maryland.


Joy Behar is the famous co-host of Whoopi Goldberg in the talk show The View. Joy was previously married to Joe Behar, whose name she had adopted. But their marriage did not last. Eventually, Joy found true love with Steve Janowitz. Joy didn’t find luck with her first love, but as their relationship went sour, her career started to soar. Joy and Steve have a long engagement. For some reason, Joy said that they’ve waited for something to happen first before they wed.

They’ve been together since 1982 but waited for almost 29 years before tying the knot. The couple takes credit for how they have taken care of and nurtured each other in the relationship for years. They took their time building the relationship before saying their wedding vows in 2011. Their relationship stood the test of time. According to Joy, Steve is her answered prayer as she is now able to live the life she’d always wanted.


Valerie Bertinelli became famous for appearing in the show Hot in Cleveland. Eventually, she was also cast in the Food Network where she was able to build a successful career and established her name in the industry. She was also known to be in a relationship with the famous Rockstar Eddie Van Halen before she met Tom Vitale. It was quite amusing how she jumped from the rock star lifestyle to the financial planner’s world. The switch wasn’t a big deal at all for her.

Valerie and Tom have been together since 2004 and have continued to be happy with their relationship. Valerie’s long relationship with her former rock star husband wasn’t that easy. Her main reason for quitting their marriage was Eddie’s unhealthy and damaging vices. They were together for three decades until she called it quits. Lucky for her, she found new love with Tom Vitale. They tied the knot in 2011 after waiting for Valerie’s divorce to finalize.


Vincent Van Patten was previously married before he met Eileen Davidson. His first wife was the beautiful Betsy Russell. But things didn’t work out well between the two. Patten and Russell were in the process of finalizing their divorce when he met Davidson. Davidson first met Patten during the filming of the popular TV show The Young and The Restless in 2000. Vincent Van Patten is a former professional tennis player and world-renowned poker commentator before becoming an actor.

Due to the show’s success, Van Patten earned a lot to become financially stable even after the divorce. The show was one of his great investments. Despite his many investments, having his wife, Eileen Davidson, is one of his most prized possessions. Eileen who has also been in and out of marriage finally found the love of her life with Vincent. They took things slow and dated for three years. The couple got married in 2003 and shared a son, Jesse Thomas Van Patten.


Jennifer Grey was first recognized in the industry in 1987 for taking on the role of Baby in the popular film Dirty Dancing. She’s still stunning as always even though the movie was filmed 30 years ago now. You could never say that she looks almost 60 years old. Before meeting Clark Gregg, Jennifer Grey had a difficult life. She got into and survived a car accident, which made her leave the spotlight for quite some time.

It was during the debut of her hit movie Dirty Dancing. After the incident, she dated and got linked to other celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Michael J. Fox and, George Stephanopolous. Comes 2001 when she finally settled and married Clark Gregg. Clark Gregg, who is famous for his character in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is also a director and producer. The lovely couple has been together for 19 years. Sadly, they called up their divorce lawyers and announced their separation this July of 2020.


Ann Curry is a multi-awarded journalist. She takes credit for pieces that cover the world’s greatest wars and natural disasters. She’s well-known for diving into territories and places where the action happens and reporting it worldwide. She gives her husband credit for the support he has given for the past three decades. Having a wife like Ann Curry is not easy. Being always on the go and living a hectic life, you must have patience and understanding for the marriage to work.

Good thing, Brian Ross has been all that to Ann. As they went about with their marriage, the couple also empowered each other. Brian Ross is a software executive, owner, and CEO of Fix Flyer. When Ann left NBC, she was inspired by her husband and founded her own multimedia company in 2015. The couple shares two children. They live in Connecticut and are enjoying the simple lifestyle.


Dr. Phil has been well known to save the day, especially when it comes to helping people cope with life issues. He takes credit for being a longtime TV personality and expert on mental health. It makes you wonder, how has he managed to cope with his own baggage and life issues? Dr. Phil Mcgraw first got discovered when he appeared as a guest on Oprah Winfrey’s show in the 90s. Seeing his remarkable potential, Oprah helped him land his first TV show. Before being a famous TV personality, Dr. Phil McGraw was a professional clinical psychologist.

However, his life was far from perfect as he battled several issues in his life and career. Fortunately, he managed to get through it all with his wife by his side, Robin McGraw. For his entire career, his wife was always there to support him all throughout. They have been married for a whopping 44 years now. The couple credits their successful marriage to having constant communication and making constant adjustments.


Rachel Maddow takes credit for being a co-anchor for special events on the MSNBC show with Brian Williams. She is also an inspiration to the LGBT community as she is an openly gay woman. Maddow has been together with her life partner Susan Mikula for 21 years now. Indeed, Maddow and Mikula are proof that love knows no gender. At the time, Maddow was busy with her doctoral thesis when she first met Susan Mikula. Mikula decided to hire her to do her yard work.

As fate and attraction made their work on Mikula and Maddow, the two became a couple and have been together ever since. Their relationship was open to the public since 1999, making their relationship 21 years strong. Mikula continues to give Maddow her love and support in her career as Maddow is also honest about her mental health since she was a child. They truly are an admirable couple.


Phoebe Cates and Kevin Cline defy the stereotype for every celebrity marriage out there. Their long-lasting marriage is proof that age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. Phoebe is married to Kevin Kline, who is sixteen years older than her. No matter the age gap, you have to give these two credit for pursuing their love against all odds. It was all about chemistry. Phoebe and Kevin seem to live in two different worlds, but they have found love in each other. Phoebe is a model and an actress on film, while Kevin is more of a stage actor.

They both share a passion for acting despite their different fields of practice. Her love for Broadway comes from her father, who used to work in Broadway productions. After marrying Kevin, Phoebe chose to live a quiet and private life as she wanted to focus on her own family. Their relationship has served them well as they’ve been married for 31 years, with no plans of calling a divorce lawyer.


Aussie natives, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are among the most famous poster couples in Hollywood today. Nicole had a very high-profile relationship with Tom Cruise, and fans found it hard to accept that the two had already moved on. However, as we all know, these celebrities are humans too, and fans have little to no say on how they should live their lives. Nicole and Keith didn’t have the instant attraction when they first met at an event in 2005.

Nicole and Keith admitted that their attraction was not mutual at first. In 2017, Kidman revealed to Ellen Degeneres that despite being quite smitten with the crooner, it took Keith over four months to realize that he should probably phone her. Luckily, Keith decided to shoot his shot with the actress, which eventually led to their 2006 wedding. The couple has been together for 14 years now and has two children together—credits to whoever gave Keith Nicole Kidman’s number.


If there were to be a competition for Hollywood couples who have been married the longest, these two would undoubtedly win the award. Bill and Camille Cosby have been married to each other since 1964, making 2020 their 56th year of marriage. That’s very impressive in a Hollywood settings, to be honest. The two met on a blind date during their college sophomore year at the University of Maryland, where Camille earned a degree in psychology.

Shortly after they began dating, the two got engaged and finally tied the knot in January of 1964. A year after getting married, the couple welcomed their first child and went on to have four more kids. Today, the couple spend their time contributing to different charitable efforts with no worries of having their bank accounts emptied as the two made suitable investments early on. As for the rest of the Hollywood community and us, they are one inspiring power couple to look up to.



Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak first met on a blind date in 2002, credits to their friends who tagged them along for a karaoke bar meet-up. In 2012, writer Patrick Healy casually revealed Parsons was “gay” and in a 10-year relationship. However, Spiewak was yet to be named at the time. But Healy’s statement paved the way for Parsons to come out in public. Jim Parsons rose to fame with his quirky, witty, and funny character as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. Many have speculated that he is gay, but he kept mum about it.

The actor finally went out when he received his award for Emmys, he surprisingly mentioned Spiewak’s name when he delivered his speech in 2013. He called him his favorite person on Earth. In 2017, they eventually tied the knot at Rainbow Room in New York. His The Big Bang Theory co-star, Mayim Bialik, was one of the guests who said it was an honor for her to witness their love.


Sean Hayes and Scott Icenogle first met with the help of Ellen DeGeneres. Icenogle used to be The Ellen DeGeneres Show host at the time. They started dating for about eight years before they finally tied the knot in 2014. They had worked together for several viral lip-sync videos, while Icenogle used to be Lady Susan’s music supervisor. Despite their celebrity status, Hayes and Icenogle wanted to keep things private, like their relationship. Sean Hayes was not publicly open about his gender until 2010.

It was during this time when both of them finally came out in public. Hayes admitted he had a relationship with Icenogle. At the time, he revealed he was spending time with an extraordinary person in his life. Without any degree of lying, he admitted it was everything he needed, and it was fantastic. The two got married after four years and are now inseparable. Another love wins story to date!



Matt Bomer and Simon Halls have been reportedly married privately since 2011. They tied the knot in secret, with a very intimate ceremony in New York, where only their closest friends and family attended. Bomer first acknowledged his sexuality in 2012. He thanked Halls when he accepted a Desert AIDS Project humanitarian award and revealed he was in a committed relationship. Many girls cried when Matt Bomer, who is oozing with a manly appeal, and gorgeousness came out to be gay.

Matt and Simon have a very private affair, but in 2014, Bomer and Halls finally made their romance public. As insurance and commitment to their love, they decided to raise three kids together. Bomer also names his grandparents, who have been together since they were teenagers, as his inspiration in love. It shows that a dynamic family is no different from a usual family set up as long love fuels the relationship.

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