Life Away From The Glitz And Glamour Of Hollywood, Famous Celebrities And How They Are Today


One of the bests in the crop when it comes to comedy, Eddie Murphy, can be considered as the face of Hollywood comedy box office hits. He is also known for his works behind the scenes as a screenwriter and a competent producer. His best-known roles in recent years were from The Nutty Professor, and as Donkey in the animated film franchise Shrek.

However, we have seen a decline in Murphy’s acting gig in recent years. In fact, there is a trend of 2 to 3 years gap in between his projects since 2010. Despite all of this, we are sure that he has an excellent team of financial advisors and they probably already told him the best course of action so they can adequately take care of his finances.


A lot of people will undoubtedly be surprised if they realized that Jack Nicholson was already out in Hollywood since 2010. After all, we lived watching him in hit movies for more than six decades, which is a significant accomplishment already. That means he had a lot of movie credits under his name, along with multiple awards and nominations.

We can’t blame him if he wanted to live a life away from the limelight. After all, he already has the fortune to live an extravagant life. However, if there’s a chance that we see him in another movie in the future, we are sure it will be another box office hit, just like what we saw in his previous projects.


Mara Wilson was one of the biggest child stars in Hollywood back in the days. She starred in various shows and portrayed Natalie Hillard in the 1993 comedy-drama film, Mrs. Doubtfire. However, many fans didn’t know that she used to be the face of big investment companies as their commercial model before entering the acting scenes.

Her peers thought that she’ll have a strong career as an actress. However, she shocked everybody when she decided to step away from the limelight to focus more on writing and other voice projects, including running a podcast. She also had a few stage performances under her resume.


Meg Ryan dominated the box office scene back in the 80s and 90s thanks to her sweetheart roles and romantic-comedy films such as When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. This list of movies made her one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood and in return, gave her a massive amount of fortune, which can’t be easily handled even by a top-notch financial advisor.

During the early 2010s, things started to slow down for Meg Ryan, and she shifted career paths and worked behind the scenes as a director. She still sparingly appears in some documentaries and show guesting. However, it couldn’t hold a candle compared to her previous status as an artist back in her prime.


Hollywood fans often associate Gene Hackman’s name to excellence, talent and dedication when talking about the actor’s career. His name is written all over successful films’ movie credits that spanned from the 60s until his retirement back in 2004. Although he still was featured in several documentaries as a narrator, he basically left Hollywood and opted for a quiet and private life away from the limelight.

During his downtime from Hollywood, he worked with a pen and paper and worked his way through words as a novelist. Throughout his career in this industry, he produced three fictional novels and two other publications.


Jonathan Taylor Thomas was probably the most popular teenage celebrity during the 90s. He lends his voice for one of the most popular animated characters at that time as Simba, from the 1994 Disney film, The Lion King. He also appeared in Home Improvement, which became one of the highest-rating comedy shows during that time that involves a little bit of roof repair, carpentry, and the comic life of Tim Taylor and his family, which includes Thomas as Randy Taylor.

Working all through his childhood, Jonathan opted to live a normal life and left Hollywood. He then proceeded with his studies at Harvard University and he eventually got a degree in 2010 at the Columbia University School of General Studies.


Catherine Zeta-Jones possesses one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood back in the days. Even today, many of her peers still gives the actress credit on how she takes care of herself and how she gives that youthful glow.

She’s also doesn’t only give you the looks, but she also has the talent that allowed her to amass a ton of fortune. Before she went on and made a name for herself in Hollywood, she started off at West End. She then went ahead and become one of the top tap dancers back in her teenage years. She even went on and became a champ in this field. Her career in Hollywood gave her success, fame and fortune. However, things started to slow down for her back in 2010. Good thing, she had a few investments in mind while she’s out with projects. Eventually, she managed to get back on track and everything seems to be going smoothly for her.


Wesley Snipes was one of the biggest names in Hollywood back in the 90s and early 2000s. He brought to life the Marvel Comics character Blade in the hit trilogy with the same name. He’s also a successful martial artist who started training his discipline at an early age of 12.

Everything seems to be going smoothly for Snipes until controversies regarding his credit report and his overall financial status surfaced. At the height of the issue, the actor got sentenced and served for three years for failure to file income tax returns. After completing his sentence, he returned back to acting in an attempt to redeem his status.


Sally Field is one of the best actresses we have seen in Hollywood. She got herself several accolades, including a pair from the Academy and Golden Globe Awards. Sally also got three Primetime Emmy Awards under her name. However, many of her fans didn’t know that she used to play minor roles in various sitcoms back in the earlier part of her career. Far from what we are seeing in the last couple of decades.

After her unbeaten run, fans have noticed that there is a steady trend of slowing down when it comes to her recent projects. However, we are sure that she got her back up plan appropriately set up, just like what many financial advisors will do so they can secure their financial future.


Patricia Arquette has one of the most successful runs when it comes to acting careers in Hollywood. Her first commercial success film was the 1987 horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. She later explored meatier movie credits after learning that her debut horror movie was a huge hit. During the 90s, her fans saw her gaining recognition from her peers and she got rewarded with her first acting award. She only got major accolades from significant award-giving bodies during the 2000s.

Nowadays, she didn’t get much attention compared to what she used on getting during her prime. However, at the age of 51, she’s still racking up awards in Showtime’s Escape at Dannemora.


Allison Mack didn’t have the most flashing resume in the list, but she has probably the most unique backstory. During the early part of her career, she started off as an endorser of a German chocolate company. However, as a child in a commercial set, she wasn’t allowed to eat the chocolates. If we only imagine a child who has all the chocolates in the world but wasn’t allowed even to touch them was comparable to torture.

She then starred in small shows and got herself into minor roles in some major television series until she got into big production shows such as Smallville. She also tried directing one of the episodes of the show. Unfortunately, legal issues started to catch up and it was so severe that she needed help from a competent team of lawyers just to straighten things out.


Rick Moranis made a huge ripple in the Hollywood scene during the 80s. Credit to his talent in both acting and writing scripts, he became one of the most successful figures in the industry. He first ventured in comedy shows such as SCTV and Strange Brew until he made his way to the mainstream entertainment scene in the hit movie Ghostbusters back in 1984 and its sequel in 1989.

He continued to ride with his success during the 90s. However, things started to slow down during the 2000s and his career never reached the fame and prosperity he had back in his prime.


Billy Zane was the man behind the iconic movie Titanic, who portrayed the character we all love to hate, the villainous Caledon Hockley. He was even nominated for The Best Villain Award by the MTV Movie Awards Committee for his superior performance.

Overall, he had a pretty decent run throughout the course of his career and his credit card is probably the best one in the market. However, he’s recent character portrayal seems to have a minor impact on the overall storyline of his recent projects, which lowers the stock value of Billy’s Hollywood impact. Good thing, he was able to learn a few tips and tricks and he has a solid background when it comes to working behind the scenes as a producer and a recording executive.


Andie MacDowell first made a name for herself in her critically acclaimed performance in the hit movie Sex, Lies and Videotape. She was able to grab the attention of her peers and was able to get multiple nominations in various award-giving bodies. She followed it up with another hit movie under her credit in the 1990 romantic-comedy flick Green Card.

The actress is still getting significant roles in recent times. In fact, she had a consistent streak of projects up until today. However, she knew that celebrity status can change in an instant that’s why she’s engaged herself in the fashion and cosmetics scene as the spokesperson of L’Oréal since 1986.


During the late 80s until the 90s, Bridget Fonda made a living as one of the sought after actress that time. Her name appeared in various movie credits, while she delivered top-notch performance. Some of her most notable roles were from the films The Godfather Part III, In The Gloaming, It Could Happen to You and Jackie Brown.

Her career was still going strong until she got involved in a serious accident. Good thing she had a good medical insurance coverage and she was able to recover quickly. However, she didn’t continue her acting career after so she could focus more on attending her family’s needs.


Macaulay Culkin was the most popular kid in Hollywood. Everyone knew how talented of an actor he was and how charming his roles were. Some of the most memorable movies under his resume were the Home Alone franchise, which was very popular around the globe.

The way things were going at the time, it seemed like Culkin was promised a successful career. However, Culkin made some kind of arrangement with his father, after which he mostly chose to stay out of the spotlight. After making an arrangement with his dad, he stepped away from the limelight and decided to live life like a normal kid. Along with his investment and some of the earnings he made during his acting days, he basically lived a happy and complete life.


The actress, writer, model, and female icon, Cameron Diaz, was an A-lister in the industry. This is the reason why may fans are curious about what exactly happened and why she’s not been active in Hollywood since 2016. With her looks and her personality, she captivated many of her fans. Her peers also noticed from the get-go that she’ll become one of the best actresses we’ve seen in recent times, and she didn’t disappoint us.

Without a doubt, she already proved that she had already reached the top of Hollywood, and she opted for a quiet personal life. After all, we are sure she saved up most of her income back in her prime and will be enjoying her retirement along with a hefty credit card.


Kevin Jonas was one of the staples of the fabulous Jonas Brothers, who brought hit singles that serenaded some of the younger generations. Together with his brothers, they achieved worldwide recognition through their music. However, he knew their success wouldn’t last forever, and he probably listened to the advice of his personal financial advisor.

After staying low from Hollywood, he established a real-estate development company called JonasWerner, and he also got the hefty title of co-CEO of a company that deals with social media influencers. He also created a food application that proves his capabilities in making money from his investments.


Katherine Heigl first started making a name for herself in the modeling scene before she ventured into films and TV shows. It seems like yesterday when we first saw her in her debut movie That Night back in 1992. Little did she know, that movie would be her gateway towards success and recognition.

A few years after her debut, she landed a significant role in the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy and won multiple awards. She then tried her skills behind the camera as a producer. It was the right call back then, and her financial advisor probably advised her that she should have another avenue for her income. She’s still trying to get back to her tracks professionally and we know she’ll bounce back to the top once again.


Jonah Hill is arguably one of the best Hollywood actors in recent times. With his hard work and dedication alone, he managed to climb to the top, and at one point, he was even included in the list of highest-paid celebrities in Hollywood. That is a serious business, and it takes a competent financial advisor to come up with a plan to get his financials in tip-top status.

However, there was a point in his life that he needed to put in an extra effort so he can grab significant roles. He overcame the obstacle and was able to grab a few main roles after that. Jonah Hill even developed his skills as a writer and director, and in 2018, he came up with a film of his own called Mid90s.


Hollywood fanatics will instantly recognize the voice of Mike Myers in the animated movie franchise Shrek. He’s also the man behind the iconic character of Austin Powers and Dr. Evil in the hit comedy franchise Austin Powers. Everything seems to be going in the right direction until things started to slow down to him.

After lending his voice in the animated film, he was also seen working for the 2008 film The Love Guru. He extended his skills in that film and worked not only as an actor but as a writer and producer as well. However, things didn’t fly as they hoped to. Good thing he has a lot of savings and other investments that kept him afloat during this stretch. He’s now trying to make a significant comeback last year in films such as Terminal and Bohemian Rhapsody.


Mira Sorvino won several awards back in the days, including a couple of Golden Globes and BAFTA during the 90s. Her streak continued up until the late 2000s until she decided to slowly settle outside the limelight.

Her looks and talents were widely missed by her fans, and Mira Sorvino eventually went back into acting once again. She may not receive the same caliber roles as she got before, but she still had a lot of movie credits under her name after she returned to Hollywood. Aside from acting, she also indulges herself in writing books and publications during her screen downtime.


At one point in his career, Jack Gleeson was probably the most hated actor in the face of the planet. This was because of his excellent portrayal of Joffrey Baratheon in the hit fantasy adventure series The Game of Thrones. We can’t blame the fans of this franchise; he convincingly played his character down to the bone and he managed to capture the pain and agony that he lashes out to his character’s subjects.

However, after his role ended up, he also decided to hang the gloves from acting. Instead, he focused on his investment, a Dublin-based theater company, where he serves as a founder and producer.


More than a decade ago, Alyson Hannigan showed her flair and potential to that is equal to the top performers in Hollywood during that time. In fact, she had probably the most stable career both on television and in films compared to some of her peers. Some of her most memorable roles were Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the sitcom How I Met Your Mother and Michelle Flaherty in the American Pie movie franchise.

After her wedding with her co-star in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alexis Denisof in 2003, Alyson’s focused more on personal life than her career. That led to the slowing down of projects and potential contracts on her part. With her excellent money management skills, she was able to get through and she is currently part of the magic competition show Penn and Teller: Fool Us as a host.


Freddie Prinze Jr. got caught the public’s attention after his career skyrocketed with the help of the movie franchise, I Know What You Did Last Summer. He also lends his voice in significant game franchises that hit the mainstream gaming scene. Hit triple-A games such as Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition were some of the franchises that got his name in the game credits as a voice talent for one of their characters.

However, in the last couple of years, we saw a steady decline in his projects. Good thing, he was able to learn some critical pointers on how to become a competent producer, host and writer. With these skill sets, he can basically do whatever he wanted to do in Hollywood.


Nikki Blonsky, back in the late 2000s, was a phenomenal hit. A natural talent when it comes to acting and singing, and she used this as her primary tool to achieve stardom, fame, and success. At one point, she was able to get along with famous celebrities such as John Travolta and Zac Efron in some of her past projects.

Everything was going smoothly until she realized that her Hollywood projects were slowing down. Good thing she learned a few tips and tricks and she earned herself a cosmetology license. Her alternative investment saved her for potential needs for any personal loans.


The actress and model Paz de la Huerta got her ticket to Hollywood fame with the help of the hit movies such as The Cider House Rules and A Walk to Remember. However, her stardom reached the shiniest status after playing as Lucy Danziger in the HBO drama series Boardwalk Empire.

Things started to go south when she faced an issue concerning a former film producer. At one point, she even hired a group of personal attorneys just to keep her reputation and her career afloat. The damage has been done, and she was left with limited options to choose from. Eventually, she was forced to start things as she reclaims her lost reputation in the Hollywood scene.


Jonathan Bennett is widely recognized for his role as Aaron Samuels in the 2014 teen comedy film Mean Girls. He received a nomination for his trouble, which he shared with Lindsay Lohan during the 2004 Teen Choice Award. However, his career didn’t take off as the way he envisioned it and he ended up with roles with films with little success in the box office.

That instance made him think that if he wanted to live a life away from personal loans, he needed a new avenue for earning income. With that in mind, he put in time and effort in improving his talent in handling things behind the scenes and worked as a producer. In just a few years, he was able to produce movies that he also starred in.


Hollywood fans widely know Adrian Grenier with his portrayal of Vincent Chase in the hit HBO comedy-drama series The Entourage. He got one of the lead roles in the series, where he got a couple of nominations under his name. He also got attracted a lot of public attention after playing alongside Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada back in 2006.

After the show ended, he found himself a little bit lost in significant projects in Hollywood. That was the time he decided to look for another outlet where he can gain additional income. Good thing, he had a solid background when it comes to working behind the scenes as a director and producer and involved himself in various projects over the past couple of years. With his side job, he wouldn’t worry about his credit report going in the red zone.


Martin Lawrence is considered by his peers as one of the most successful actors during the 90s. During this decade, he was at the top of Hollywood hierarchy, he even has his own sitcom named after himself that aired for five seasons. Things were running smoothly, and his projects were coming in one after the other. However, controversies started to catch up.

During the mid to late 90s, he found himself constantly in need of legal assistance from his personal team of lawyers. After the controversies, he expanded his knowledge and slowly made a name for himself as a producer.


Aaron Eckhart’s tale is one of the most inspiring in this list. He first started off his career as a struggling actor, who was almost on the verge of asking help from a bankruptcy attorney. However, with perseverance, hard work and sheer talent, he was able to find his place on the top of Hollywood performers. He also scored a couple of critically acclaimed movies along with some box office hits.

To mark his success and influence in the film industry, he was named as one of the top 100 most beautiful people by People Magazine back in 2006. By the looks of things, he is still at the top of his game.


Ronda Rousey is arguably the best female UFC fighter that ever stepped foot inside the octagon. She dominated her fights with her superior techniques and powerful moves. However, she hit rock bottom after she experienced a shocking defeat in a fight against Holly Holm back in 2015.

After her match with Holm, she slowly moved towards Hollywood and appeared in the seventh installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Credit to her achievement in the MMA world, we saw her name inducted in the UFC Hall of Fame ceremony class of 2018. She’s still trying to make a strong push in the Hollywood scene and we are sure it will only take her a couple of films just to fish that top spot.


Randy Quaid was one of the premier actors during the 70s and 80s. With his acting style that mixes both serious drama and light-hearted comedy, he captivated the attention of his fans. Credit to his sheer talent, he got himself a few nominations in his role in the 1973 film The Last Detail. His success continued to rack up projects after projects and he got the Best Actor Award from the Golden Globe in his role in the 1987 hit movie LBJ: The Early Years.

However, things started to go sour in the mid-2000s during the height of his legal controversies, including an invalid use of a credit card that led him and his wife into probation.


Carey Mulligan possesses both beauty and talent that has the potential to rock the Hollywood scene. However, despite having these define characteristics, he wasn’t able to get significant roles that will catapult her to the top of the Hollywood hierarchy. Her most notable roles were during her earlier part of her acting journey as Ada Clare and Emily Pritchard in the television series Bleak House and The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard.

Despite getting a jump-start, she rarely got into major projects, unlike her peers. However, her name might be included in the post-credit scenes of two upcoming projects that are currently in the pipeline.


Alex Pettyfer can easily be recognized as Alex Rider in the 2006 film version of the action spy film, the Stormbreaker. His raw talent and dashing looks allowed him to be nominated for an award given by The Young Artist and the Empire Award. His face was also presented as a model of a fashion house while he’s racking up his paperwork along with his attorneys in the movie I Am Number Four and Magic Mike.

In recent years, we have seen his name in fewer projects than what most of his fans would expect. Good thing, he can still redeem his career in his upcoming film called Warning that will is currently being filmed.


A significant figure in the comedy-drama scene in the early part of his career, Jesse Eisenberg slowly made his way towards becoming one of Hollywood’s most successful actors. He first appeared in the short-lived series Get Real, then jumped to the psychological thriller film The Village. He continued making waves of attention in 2010 in The Social Media after portraying Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of one of the best investments of all time, Facebook.

He also played as Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and in Justice League before trying his luck as a producer in 2018.


Emilio Estevez came from a family of renowned performers. Starting from his father, Martin Sheen, who became famous during the 60s and 70s. He’s also the older brother of the successful actor, Charlie Sheen. During the earlier part of his career, he was widely known for being a member of the 80s’ Brat Pack. He also starred in The Breakfast Club and Bobby.

Aside from acting, he also showed flashes of a great director. In fact, he was able to sum up a solid resume of directing credits under his name. In recent times, we often see him in minor acting roles as he shifted his focus working behind the scenes as a writer and director.


Sean Conery is considered by many as a legendary actor. He portrayed the world’s most famous secret agent and spy, James Bond, in a couple of movies during the 60s until the early 80s, which made him one of the most sought after performers back in the days. He also accumulated various accolades from different award-giving bodies such s the Golden Globe and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute.

Like other great artists in Hollywood, controversies started to catch up with him. During the 2000s, many financial advisors and tax officials suggest that there were discrepancies in his tax filing. Before his retirement, he also used to work as a producer in his last few films and he’s now enjoying his personal time away from the bustling world of showbusiness.


Virginia Elizabeth Davis, or professionally known as Geena Davis, is considered to be a strong female icon when it comes to advocacy for women who are working in the industry. Coming out from college with a degree in drama from Boston University, she used that to her advantage and worked right away as a model. She then tried her luck in the movie scenes back in the early 80s, which was the ideal move for her.

After proving herself to her peers with her talents, she was able to grab multiple accolades, including a bunch of nominations and recognition for her acting prowess as well as her contributions in advocating equality.


Renée Zellweger was one of the most influential movie actresses during the 90s until the late 2000s. Aside from working as a Hollywood talent, she had a few projects where she also acted as a producer. Zellweger has achieved a lot after her first starring role in the 1994 horror-thriller film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Her most famous role came about when she appeared in Bridget Jones’ Diary and as Roxie Hart in Chicago.

In 2010, the actress decided to step away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. She also used this time to think about her future and settle their investments. She returned to acting in 2016 and was able to redeem her career.


For all of those dinosaur fans out there, we bet you’ll recognize Ariana Richards in the hit movie by the legendary filmmaker, Steven Spielberg, the 1993 film Jurassic Park. She reprised her role as Lex Murphy in the sequel of the film, although it was just a small appearance, her impact was clearly seen in the film.

A few years after her hit role, she decided to step away from the limelight and shifted her focus towards her true passion in education until she achieved her degree in fine arts. Very little are known during this time since she lived perfectly away from the bustling crowd of Hollywood.


Robert Blake has one of the most fruitful careers in Hollywood history. He began his journey at a very young age in comic movies such as the Bridal Suite and Our Gang. He was lucky enough to work alongside famous acting legends back in the days. He continued riding his success and got consistently picked for various roles in major films.

However, things started going downhill after a few controversies that surround his personal life. At one point, he needed help from a bankruptcy attorney just to settle down his financial struggles. It is more than two decades since we last saw him doing major roles. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see him doing what he does best on the screen.


Elizabeth Hurley has the looks and talents that allowed her to dominate the entertainment scene. She used her looks similar to an investment and became a successful model for various brands, especially in fashion and cosmetics. She’s widely remembered playing Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery back in 1997. Recently, we saw her playing a role in the hit series The Royals. Aside from working as a model and actress, she’s also ventured in behind the scenes works and got herself a few experience points in producing films.

Over the course of her career, she’s widely known for organizing events that help various charities and advocacies including breast cancer awareness campaigns and other fundraising campaigns.


Debra Winger is another artist that made significant noise during the 80s until the early part of the 90s. Her talent allowed her to become one of the most sought-after actresses that time and she received multiple credits to her name thanks to numerous blockbuster hits she produced. To name a few of her accolades, she got multiple nominations during the span of her career.

After a successful run, she decided to take a short hiatus in acting to take a room for a breather. She knew how hard it is to put investments like time and effort to her craft and it slowly chipped away her motivation. After a few years, she went back to acting once again and proved that she’s one of the bests in the industry by getting nominated with various awards in the 2008 film Rachel Getting Married.


Josh Saviano has all the potential and the making of a very bright superstar in Hollywood. However, he opted for another career path and studied his way until college. He eventually made his way towards becoming a respected lawyer.

His career choice might have been less dramatic compared to the rest of the actors and actresses that worked in Hollywood. However, his paycheck will be more consistent than the rest of his peers. We last saw him on the screen playing as a lawyer in three episodes of the crime drama series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.


Taylor Momsen was one of the brightest stars during the early 2000s. Her first mainstream role was presented to her and became a part of Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. She later got her breakout role in 2002 when she got the role of Gretel in Hansel and Gretel. She then made her way and joined the cast of the movie Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams.

About five years later, she had another breakout season when she landed the role of Jenny Humphrey in the hit teen drama Gossip Girl. After she finished her contract, she decided to quit the world of acting and put her time and effort towards her music and singing career.


Shelley Duvall is certainly at the top of the list when it comes to actresses who excel in their crafts during her time. In fact, he brought home multiple prestigious awards such as the Best Actress Award from Cannes, a Peabody and a few nominations coming from the Emmys and the BAFTA.

Her long and successful career lasted for more than three decades and she finally decided to step down from acting and live a normal life away from the limelight. In 2016, one decade after her last movie credit, we saw Duvall in a segment on one of the episodes of Dr. Phil. Unfortunately, it looked like the famed actress is suffering from a mental illness and hopefully she’ll be able to get back on track.


Nick Stahl started his Hollywood journey as a child star when he was only 13 years old. He made an immediate impact in the entertainment industry right from the get-go and got nominated for a major award right away. He continued to appear in major films and his name was included in top shows of that decade.

However, things started to turn out bad for him, primarily in his personal life. At one point, he was arrested for possessing an alleged illegal substance. He also got into trouble in another occasion with a suspicion of committing lewd act. Good thing, the charge was dropped because of insufficient evidence. A few years ago, he mentioned that he’ll try to make a comeback once everything is properly settled.


Glenda Jackson used to be one of the top performers in Hollywood during the 70s and 80s. During this run, she consistently garnered multiple accolades coming from prestigious award-giving bodies such as the Tony, Academy, Golden Globe and the Primetime Emmy. Credit to her award-winning performances, she became one of the few artists that brought home the elusive “triple crown of acting.”

During the late 80s and the early 90s, signs of slowing down started to appear in Glenda Jackson’s career and she eventually left the show business in 1992. After two decades of living outside the limelight, she went back into acting once again in a grand fashion. Her resurgence in the theater scene earned another ticket for her in the mainstream market. In fact, there is a new project for her in listed in the pipeline.


If we take a look at the movie credits of celebrities, people often look for the number of films instead of the impact the artist made throughout their careers. The same can be said about Rene Russo. Even though Russo didn’t have the long list of projects under her resume, she made it up by giving all of her efforts in her craft. In return, she was able to garner multiple nominations and won several awards under her wing.

She took a quick break from Hollywood during the mid 2000s. After a few years of living outside the limelight, she went back into acting with a bang and got herself into the center of attention right away.


Dana Carvey was one of the mainstays of the show Saturday Night Live during the mid-80s until the early 90s. During this successful run, he was able to grab six Emmy Award nominations while bringing home one chip. He later starred alongside Mike Myers in his debut film and the team was able to get the success they were looking.

Everything seems to be going in the right direction until he and his family faced major health issues. In 1997, the comedian underwent a heart bypass surgery that should help him with his blocked artery. However, the surgeon did a grave miscalculation and did the operation in the artery. He and his family hired a lawyer and sued his surgeon for $7.5 million of damages. After the predicament, he decided to lay low and live a normal life. He eventually returned to the entertainment industry after a few years.


The Olsen twins, individually known as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, began their acting career far ahead of their peers. In fact, the two started earning as an actress at the age of only nine months old in the hit sitcom Full House. They also got a few movie credits after the show ended.

With a keen sense of money management, they decided to venture into a new business and they founded the luxury brand called The Row. This is a good investment especially that the twins already expressed their interest to get out from Hollywood and focus on other career choices.


Michael Schoeffling is the guy that played the popular, yet sensitive Jake Ryan in coming-of-age comedy film Sixteen Candles. He went on and continued working as an actor in eight other films after his breakout year before retiring from Hollywood such as Vision Quest and Mermaids.

The impact of Michael’s character still made its way to the memories of those who have seen his movie. In fact, Teen Magazine conducted a poll back in 2005 of the “biggest hunk of the 80s,” and Jake Ryan was able to grab the number 22 slot. It’s been almost three decades since we last saw Michael Schoeffling in front of the camera and he seems to be enjoying his personal life along with his investment.


Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the biggest stars during the 90s. She rose to prominence in her role as Kendall Hart in All My Children, where she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Her stack went up after grabbing the role of Buffy Summers in the fantasy series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show also built her up in a spot as the Woman of the Year by Maxim Magazine.

Everythings seems to going in the right direction with her career However, she decided to focus more on her investment rather than the limelight. Nowadays, her successful venture allowed her to live a private life, away from the controversies.


Matthew Fox received a hefty amount of recognition from his peers in his performance as Charlie Salinger in Party of Five. He also got another boost in his career with his portrayal of Jack Shephard in the supernatural drama series Lost. The show and his performance gave him a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

With all the success he made during his stay in the hit series, it was very hard to imagine that he’ll have any troubles getting significant roles. However, it seemed like fortune is not favoring Matthew on this one as he’s struggling to find a major comeback. Good thing he has a good sense in photography and some of his shots were included as a bonus feature in the complete first series of Lost. We just hope that he also has a good sense of money management as well.


Calista Flockhart made a name for herself after portraying the lawyer named Ally McBeal that aired from the mid-90s until the early 2000s. She also played the role of Kitty Walker in the hit drama series Brothers and Sisters. Some of her more recent roles was in Supergirl, where she got nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.

However, after her successful run in Ally McBeal, some of her peers expected that her career will skyrocket to the top. Unfortunately, she was able to grab minor movie and TV credits in between. Luckily, it is still not too late to make a strong push towards the top of the Hollywood hierarchy.


Dominic Monaghan rose to fame after he got included in one of the best movie franchises of all time. He portrayed Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck in the Lord of the Rings film franchise. He continued his successful run with the TV show Lost and in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Currently, he’s doing a program where he runs as a host and producer called Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan. He will also appear in the upcoming Star Wars movie this year where he will be reunited with the co-creator of Lost. With all the success he had in his career, he will need very good financial advisor to sort out his finances.


Dennis Franz portrayed one of the most famous roles back in the 90s television, Andy Sipowicz in the police procedural drama NYPD Blue. This role earned him a couple of awards including a Golden Globe, four Primetime Emmy Awards and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. After a long and successful run with the show, he decided to call it quits.

After spending time in front of the camera, he finally earned his break from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life. After all, after he got his degree back in 1968, he started working right away and it is probably the right time to spend time with his family.


Stacey Dash had her fair share of spotlight back in the days. She was well recognized as Dione Davenport in the 1995 hit movie Clueless. The show became really popular and they adopted it to become a comedy series a year after the movie’s release.

After her successful start of her acting career, things started to slow down for Stacey. Although she had a decent amount of movie credits, she was unfortunate enough not to land any significant roles that will bold her way up in the Hollywood rankings.  Luckily, Fox News announced back in 2014 that she will be their contributor. She also  released a book back in 2016 about her life and her point of view.


Tobey Maguire was one of the hottest stars during the early to late 2000s. He was one of the first actors that paved the way towards the trending superhero movies that we enjoyed today. In fact, he portrayed Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man. However, with a cruel twist of faith in the latter part of his career, he wasn’t able to get the same success as what he got during his prime.

Good thing, he was able to learn some of the tricks of the trade behind the scenes and he quickly transitioned from an actor towards becoming a producer and a director. He already has a few movie credits that show his name as a producer and there is a new movie coming next year where he will show his directing skills.


Jennifer Love Hewitt possesses the talents, wits, and the looks of a successful actress, director and producer in Hollywood. Back in the days, she was a household name thanks to the supernatural drama, The Ghost Whisperer and the movie where she acted alongside Jackie Chan in The Tuxedo. She’s one of those artists that quickly rose to fame and never looked back.

However, the recent decade seems to be the worst part of her career. Her main show was already near its finale and soon enough, she found that her career wouldn’t be the same as they were during the 90s until the late 2000s. She then took some time learning the crafts behind the scenes and worked as a producer. Her efforts and investment paid off and she was able to go through without much of a hassle. She’s now making a strong comeback in procedural drama 9-1-1.


Amanda Bynes has all the making of a successful artist in modern Hollywood. She started off in commercials and endorsements, then Amanda later moved to stage plays. Afterward, she crossed her boundaries and started working on TV shows and made her way to become a child star during the latter part of the 90s.

She also entered the fashion scene in the midst of her stardom and established her own line of accessories and apparel. However, her business partners, Steve and Barry, hired a bankruptcy attorney and went out of business in the early part of 2009. She also temporarily retired from acting a year after, and we are not yet sure if she had any plans to return in the limelight anytime soon.


Mischa Barton has been making a name for herself in the industry since the mid-90s. She worked as a model, endorser and starred in a few stage plays. She eventually found her place right along with the big stars in Hollywood right after she got included to play a role in an episode for All My Children back in 1995. However, her most famous role came almost a decade after her debut in the hit teen drama series The O.C.

Many analysts and financial advisors were preparing for the surge of projects that will come after the show The O.C., after all, the show made her really famous in and around Hollywood at that time. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and she only got roles in movies that didn’t provide commercial success. Good thing she also made smart investments in the fashion scene, and she already launched a couple of products and lines under her name.


Mo’Nique started her career in small roles until she hit the pot of gold in the sitcom The Parkers that aired from 1999 until 2004. Things began to pile up, and then out of the blue, she was able to grab one of the leading roles for an award-winning movie, The Precious. She played the iconic role of Mary Lee Johnston, and her portrayal of her character couldn’t be more perfect. Her performance brought her numerous awards and recognition.

Many analysts projected that she will need a competent financial advisor after her successful film. However, things went south for some reason. Instead of getting multiple projects, we only saw her in very few and unsuccessful movies and the last time we saw her in action was in the 2016 film Almost Christmas.


Lara Flynn Boyle rose to public attention for her role as Donna Hayward in Twin Peaks. She then led the show Red Rock West in 1993, where she got a critically acclaimed performance. This was the start of her active career in Hollywood. In the later years, she portrayed an assistant district attorney, Helen Gamble, in the hit series The Practice, where she got a Primetime Emmy nomination.

After the show ended, we saw a slow decline in her acting projects, and she tried her luck in producing films. She only managed to get a producer credit once back in 2013, and on the next year, she went for a break from Hollywood. We are still yet to see her back in acting again.


Leelee Sobieski got a phenomenal break in the Hollywood scene after her performance in hit movie Deep Impact back in the late 90s. She followed it up by stepping up her game in her follow up movies such as the 1999 movie Eyes Wide Shut and Never Been Kissed. However, her most memorable role is undoubtedly her portrayal of Joan of Arc back in 1999. All of her efforts paid off and she got a number of award nominations in her part.

In 2008, she decided to tie the knot with the actor Matthew Davis. Unfortunately, they decided to end their marriage life inside the office of a lawyer for their filing of divorce. A year later, she went again and started to focus more on her private life. She exchanged vows the second time, but this time, she slowly stepped away from the limelight just to give extra time for her family.


Ashely Judd was very popular during the 90s, and she even got a few nominations and received several awards because of the performance she made on her role. Although she is still active in the industry, she could have become a bigger star than she was right now, if not because of some issues that happened in the past.

Experts suggest that if things went according to plan, she could have doubled or even tripled her movie credits. During her free time, she loves to participate in physical activities such as Kickboxing, Judo, and other forms of martial arts. Who knows, she may be even taking online classes just to keep her body in shape.


We bet everyone knew a thing or two about the famous actor and martial artist Chuck Norris. Aside from various action movies, he also racked up many championships in the field of martial arts. However, many of his fans didn’t know that he used to work as a serviceman in the US Air Force before jumping into Hollywood. Some of his best-known movie credits were Way of the Dragon, the Missing in Action film franchise and The Expendables 2.

After filming The Expendables 2, he has yet to be seen in more recent films. However, many of the newer generations had used Chuck Norris thanks to the internet and the rise in popularity of memes.


Ali Macgraw was one of the top artists in Hollywood during the 60s and 70s. Her classic films such as Goodbye, Columbus and Love Story earned her ticket to fame. Not only that, she also got a number of accolades from these films. At one point, she was even named as the top female box office stars in the world back in 1972.

Although she didn’t have a lot of movie credits under her belt, without a doubt, she’s one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of her time. Aside from acting, she also indulge herself in yoga session during her break from Hollywood.


Dave Chappelle is a known actor, standup comedian, who also worked as a producer and writer. He’s well rounded in his craft and credit to his talent, he was able to grab a number of awards and recognition under his name including a pair of Emmy and Grammy Awards. His first mainstream project was the musical adventure, or should we say misadventures of Robin Hood in the 1993 movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

In 2016, Dave Chappelle signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. The two parties’ investment paid off and his show became a commercial hit. In fact, Netflix announced that his project became the most viewed comedy special in Netflix history.


Kelly McGillis is one of the top new artists during the 80s. She quickly rose to prominence after portraying her talent in acting in the 1985 classic film The Witness. She got another push to the top of the Hollywood ladder thanks to her role as Charlie in Top Gun. As we all know, we couldn’t expect less from a graduate student at the Juilliard School with a degree in performing arts.

However, after an unbeaten run, things started to slow down professionally for Kelly. She eventually retired from acting in the earlier part of the 2000s, and she slowly made her comeback in the later half of the decade.


The actor Joe Pesci has been one of the best supporting casts of all time. In fact, he has made a reputation for himself as one of the actors that surpass some of the main actors even if he’s portraying a support role. His tough guy looks with a matching temper that could blow anytime are his main signature when playing a character. He also widely known for his collaborations with Robert De Niro and filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

During the late 90s, he decided to quit the acting scene and shifted to singing. He also did that just to stay away from the glitz and glamour in front of the camera. In his singing run, he was able to release his own album. However, he went back into acting once again after almost a decade. Whatever his choice may be, he already had a huge credit card limit that can make things easier for him.


Lark Voorhies joined Hollywood’s biggest stars after portraying Lisa Marie Turtle on the hit NBC sitcom Saved by the Bell. Her role allowed her to get six nominations from the Young Artist Award committee and ultimately winning two out of those six nomination slots.

After the show went off-air, she then resorted to small projects and minor roles. She also had a few movie credits under her resume from the late 90s until 2012. After she noticed that her career was slowing down, she went back to her original passion, writing books and novels. Overall, she was able to publish three books with her name on it.


Kel Mitchell is well-remembered as the main character in the 90s comedy series All That. He was also part of Nickelodeon’s teen sitcom that shows the adventures, or should we say the misadventures of Kenan and Kel. Things should typically follow up after the success he garnered during his successful run. However, he only got some minor roles in small time productions.

Nowadays, he’s still working in the industry and has a steady career overall. However, compared to the potential he showed back in the early part of his journey, we can say that he didn’t live to the expectations set by many film critics. Good thing he has a good knack when it comes to proper money management, which helped him with his finances.

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