Celebrity Updates As They Age


Gorgeous as ever, Victoria Principal rose to fame for her role in the soap opera, Dallas. Aside from being an actress, she also excels in different fields. She’s also an entrepreneur, an author, and producer. Her estimated net worth is around $350 million, and it’s still continuously growing. Setting aside investment money is no longer an issue for her. Focusing more on her writing career, she managed to publish books such as The Body Principal and The Diet Principal.


The ever-famous Agent Gibbs, Mark Hammon is still handsome as ever, despite his age. He’s been with NCIS since it aired in 2003. More than ten years later, he’s still part of the crew. Though there were rumors of him leaving the show, it’s not yet confirmed. He currently holds a huge net worth of $100 million. With the huge amount, payday loans are never an issue for the actor. Aside from being an actor, there was a time where he became a firefighter pilot when he worked for the Army Air Corp.


Born in 1962, Ally Sheedy looks flawless as she ages. She made her film debut with the movie Bad Boys, and her career went uphill from there. Aside from the first film she worked with, she also starred in The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. Even with her successful projects, she might not have been able to set aside investment money that could have helped her have a worry-free retirement. At the rate of where she was then, Sheedy probably lived a stress-free life. She got addicted to prescription medication, which could have eventually lead to a lurking bankruptcy.


Being a crowd favorite, Susan Dey still got what it takes to turn heads. At the age of 67, she still looks stunning as ever. The American actress played her roles very well as she managed to gather recognition for her acting. At a time, she landed the role of Grace Van Owen for a famous sitcom, The Partridge Family. The show went on for four years before it was officially canceled. With the paychecks she’s been receiving for her acting; she probably doesn’t have to worry about bankruptcy.


With an estimated cost of around $25 million, Brooke Shields definitely knows her money’s worth. She started off as a child model when she started working for Pretty Baby at the age of 12. But the rest is history the moment she landed a role that gave her a break. The moment she worked with Blue Lagoon, her character, Emmeline, became a fan favorite. As she progressed on her Hollywood breaks, she landed another romantic drama role, which increased her fan base. Her film, Endless Love, managed to increase her income, which probably means that she’s on top of her credit scores as well.


Portraying an iconic Star Wars Character, Billy Dee Williams is doing an awesome job of staying out of Hollywood drama. As of the latest update on his net worth, the actor is at $10 million. With the increasing rate of his income, there’s not a chance for him to worry about home loans. At the age of 83, there are no signs of him slowing down in terms of enjoying the limelight.


Jane Seymour is one of those celebrities who seem to freeze time as still looks stunning with her age. If you’re a fan of James Bond movies then you’ll definitely know her. Being able to star in a top-grossing film, Jane surely earned a hefty amount which gives her the capacity to throw in a part of what she earned towards home insurance. Though she’s at the age of 69, she still looks glamorous and worry-free. Although she went through a successful time on the limelight, her love life, however always turn out to be a flop. She went through a divorce four times.


A timeless icon known for her beauty and finesse, Joanne Woodward is still stunning at her age. Some of the hits that she made were A Kiss Before Dying and Count Three and Pray. Though she reached great success in terms of her career, she experienced grief at the passing of her husband. He left her a $2.4-million property, but as much as she wants to keep it as a real estate investment, she eventually had it sold. As of this date, she’d still work on some film projects without any plans to retire yet.


Aging with grace, Sally Field is doing pretty well when it comes to acting. She starred in hitmakers but started her acting career with Gidget, a TV sitcom that gave Sally her big break. She then moved to bigger projects such as The Flying Nun, Forrest Gump, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Being in the industry for quite some time helped her more than enough to pay off her bills and probably even have investment money. Although she was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2005, it didn’t stop her from going after her goals.


Linda Ann Gray still looks stunning at her age. Aside from being a film actress, she also managed to direct and produce films. She also earned modeling stints that grew her net worth. Known for her character in Dallas as Sue Ellen Ewing. With the projects she’s worked with, she also managed to earn two Golden Globes Award nominations. With her steady income, payday loans are no longer an issue as she was probably able to have enough income to get her through.


Looking gorgeous than ever, Angela Bassett definitely knows how to keep stress at bay. She earned a name for doing an excellent portrayal of Tina Turner for her biopic titled What’s Love Got to Do With It. With that specific role, she earned a nomination in the Academy Award for Best Actress. She also bagged the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in the Motion Picture Comedy. Aside from her acting, she is also a Yale University graduate. Having a successful career, it’s good that she was able to set aside investment money. She teamed up with Dr. Barbara Strum as they launched a skincare series that caters to women of color.


Award-winning A-List actress and a box office queen Glenn Close is still stunning despite her age. Aside from being an actress, she is also a producer and a singer. She managed to bring home three of the most iconic awards in Hollywood. She brought home three Primetime Emmy Awards, three Golden Globes, and three Tony Awards. Aside from the ones she bagged, she was nominated almost seven times for an Academy Award. Who would have thought that she’s be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, too? Cool enough to basically turn her projects into a major success, seeing as her net worth is sky-high as well. With what she was able to earn overtime, she won’t be needing the presence of bankruptcy lawyers, probably ever.


The ‘90s kids are well aware who Heather Matarazzo is, and she played the role of Lilly on Princess Diaries as Anne Hathaway’s best friend. Aside from her iconic role, she also worked on other projects such as Hostel: Part II and The Princess Diaries 2. Prior to more challenging roles, however, she already starred in a 1995 movie, Welcome to the Dollhouse. Moving forward to this date, Matarazzo became an advocate for same-sex marriage as she tied the knot with her partner, Heather Turman. Still being a kid at heart, age is just a number for her as she still looks glowing. With the successful projects that she worked for; she was probably able to set aside investment money in preparation for retirement.


Aside from being an actress, Diane Keaton also earned a name as a screenwriter, producer, and director. It was mentioned that her net worth soars to $50 million and it is still increasing. Her iconic roles include Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Baby Boom, Mad Money, Because I Said So, and Annie Hall. Aside from major film projects, she also managed to work on series. With numerous awards and nominations, her net worth continually increases. Along with her cash flow, she also works on her investments to make sure she’ll be set once she’d finally retire.


Woody Harrelson is an American playwright and actor known for his witty personality and extensive film portfolio. He first rose to fame in 1985, playing the role of Woody Boyd in the NBC show, Cheers. He gained further credits for his acting when he snagged a Primetime Emmy Award for the role. Since then, Woody’s career has evolved, making him one of the most bankable talents in Hollywood with multiple Academy Award nominations. After 42 years of being active, Woody does not show any signs of slowing down. He continues to earn at the age of 58.


Connie Stevens is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Aside from being an actress, she is also a director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, and singer. Her break came when she worked on the TV series, Hawaiian Eye. She played the role of Cricket. Though most of her films were in the ‘60s, the hitmakers she worked on include, Parrish and Susan Blade. Hit after hit, her projects continually flows through, and as well as her income. With an increasing net worth, her investment money is surely safe.


Controversial actress Amber Heard has seen her fair share of negative attention in Hollywood. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, she later moved to New York at the age of 17 to pursue a modeling career. After realizing her passion and desire for acting, Heard decided to leave the Big Apple and move to the West Coast. She began her acting career with small roles in both TV and film but later scored a breakout role as Mera in DC’s Aquaman back in 2018. Today, Heard’s career is in the hands of her lawyers as she faces an ongoing legal battle with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.


Who doesn’t know the even iconic Madonna? From Material Girl, and Like a Virgin, the singer is still on a roll as she still holds world tours up to this date. At the age of 61, retirement probably isn’t even considered, but she’s still physically fit and very much active. Although her career is a huge blast, her relationships are quite a struggle, as she faced controversy in terms of her personal life, outside of showbiz. Hopefully, the Queen of Pop was able to set aside a hefty amount of cash or investment money, so that retirement will come easy for her.


Actress turned reality TV star Lisa Rinna first started her career in Hollywood in the early ’90s with small cameo appearances in music videos and TV shows. She later gained more footing in the industry when she landed the role of Billie Reed in the TV show Days of Our Lives. Although Lisa left the show in 1995, she later reprised it in 2002. Lisa later went on to apply her acting skills in Broadway and was given many credits for several highly acclaimed roles. To date, Lisa remains active with several reality TV appearances, including appearances in the hit reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Tina Majorino is an American actress who began as a child star. A lot of her early roles were in kid and teen-friendly shows and films, which makes her one of the most recognizable faces for the younger generation. During her adult years, Majorino engaged in multiple TV roles, including Grey’s Anatomy, where she played Dr. Heather Brooks. Her role for the hit TV show is among her more successful roles, together with her portrayal as Deb in the film Napoleon Dynamite. She continues to put in more time as her investment in acting with a string of TV performances.


At his age, Geroge Clooney still turns heads. Being able to play for major roles amped his career. He managed to work on hit makes such as From Dusk Till Dawn, Ocean’s Eleven, Batman and Robin, The Descendants, Tomorrowland, and Hail, Caesar! Aside from being an actor, he also directed hitmakers such as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and a film that will still premiere, The Midnight Sky. Although his career is going uphill, he also struggled with an ailment. He suffers from lower back pain, so he needed to go through therapy and take medications. With what he is going through, health insurance will come in handy.


Sissy Spacek was a phenomenal actress in the ’70s. That’s mainly due to her appearance in horror films, including in Brian De Palma’s Carrie. Carrie is her most iconic role, and people look up to her for her awesome performance. The actress recently turned 70, and what we have noticed is her glowing beauty. Despite the obvious wrinkles and age spots, she’s certainly oozing the charmer vibe. She credits Pilates, staying out of the sun, and eating vegetables and fish, and even, de-stressing. She said in an interview, “Just breathe and relax. Try to live in the present moment and have as few regrets as possible.”


Being part of the cast for A-Team, Lawrence Tureaud or commonly known as Mr. T fought a silent battle. He managed to stay in the limelight, as he landed roles in Rocky II and I Pity the Fool. With his previous projects, he was probably able to set aside some insurance money for his health. Although he looks perfectly fit, and basically game with whatever life throws at him, he went through a rough struggle as he was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma. Despite the hardships, however, he still managed to surpass the challenges and remained a positive outlook in life.


Stunning as ever, Lisa Bonet is one of those head-turners that doesn’t seem to age. On top of her already gorgeous looks, she is also Aquaman’s wife. Her husband, Jason Momoa holds a huge fanbase, and he’s a DC character, too. They’ve been together for more than a decade, yet they remain sweet. With projects pouring in, payday loans are probably never an option for this duo. As of the duo’s latest exposure, fans can’t help but gush over how they acted. In Jason’s 2017 interview at The Late Late Show with James Corden, he mentioned how fascinated he is with Bonet since he was young.


Are you a fan of The Wheel of Fortune? Well if you are, then you definitely know Vanna White. Aside from being the game show’s hostess, she also managed to explore acting. She landed acting projects such as Graduation Day, Indecent Proposal, The Final Insult, and other cameos. Her net worth continually increases as her professional career continually progresses. Though her career is booming, she went through tough times. Her first engagement didn’t pull through as John Gibson, her fiancé, died in a plane accident. She eventually gave love another shot, but also ended up hiring a divorce lawyer.


A household name in the industry, Chuck Norris is definitely one of the best classic Hollywood names. There was a time when the actor sold his mansion located in Dallas, Texas. The iconic real estate was once used when Walker, Texas Ranger was filmed. Although it was built in 1975, roof repair and other maintenance were well kept. He originally priced it at $1.2 million, but eventually dropped the price. In doing so, the property was then sold. The home includes 4 bedrooms with 7 full baths. In addition, it also had 2 half baths and a total of 7,300-square-foot space.


Still a sweetheart despite her age, Phoebe Cates looks pretty at the age of 56. With a net worth of $40 million, she sure was able to set aside investment money to keep her going. She managed to earn a role is in films like Gremlins and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Cates also managed to work as a model, who did very well in terms of her career. By the age of 17, she was able to make a debut in with the film, Paradise. She also appeared in magazine covers such as British Vogue, Elle, and Seventeen.


Born in 1931, Barbara Eden ages with a bit of sparkle. At the age of 88, she still does very well in terms of her charm. She initially played as a genie in a bottle for a sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie. It managed to be a success as it was aired for 5 years. The entire series holds 139 successful episodes. Along with its success, is the growing net worth of the actress. With the latter being said, she probably surpassed the need for having housing loans.


Carol Kane still got her classic look, which makes her even more beautiful as she ages. Those in the ‘70s and ‘80s are surely familiar with who the actress is. Her shot at fame started with her role on Hester Street, which earned her an Oscar nomination. Aside from the film, she was also able to star in the hit series, Taxi. The series itself also got her two Emmys. She seems to start on various hitmakers such as Annie Hall, Addams Family Values, and The Princess Bride. On her most recent projects, she made an appearance on the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which streams on Netflix. Projects after projects, her money management skills should be superb to increase her net worth.


Still steaming hot and gorgeous, Jennifer Connelly is a head-turner up to this date. The actress starred in various films such as Requiem for a Dream, Beautiful Mind, and Labyrinth. She started as a child actor and was able to play her first role in a horror movie, Tales of the Unexpected. Contracts after contracts poured in which barely gave her enough time to just unwind and relax. With her paycheck, she probably set aside investment money to keep her secured when she finally steps down from the limelight.


Still stunning as she ages, Cicely is not only an actress but also a renowned fashion model. She set the bar for African-American women as most of her roles remain iconic, as they scream of women empowerment. One of the crowd favorites was her role for The Help as Constantine Bates. The iconic tear-jerking film managed to capture the hearts of its viewers which earned Tyson numerous nominations. Some people thought that the actress will retire soon, but for her, age is just a number as most of her investments are channeled towards her career.


Raquel Welch is looking stunning as she ages. Aside from being an actress, she’s also a singer who managed to win the hearts of many. She started her career when she landed her role in Fantastic Voyage. With her performance, she was able to land a contract with 20th Century Fox. From there, her career went uphill, where she’s been making hits with her performances. Being able to have a huge net worth, her credit score is probably something that she wouldn’t worry about.


Ever seen the Catwoman movie? Still gorgeous for her age, Halle Berry is definitely an icon. Aside from her previous action film, she also starred in Die Another Day, The Call, and Gothica. It seems like action, horror, and thriller is her forte in terms of her acting career. Most of the movies she worked with helped her build a solid fanbase. To date, she threw in her investments towards health and fitness. Aging doesn’t seem to bother her as she still looks stunning in terms of hitting awards shows and the limelight.


Years of staying in the limelight, Marie Osmond is already a household name. With her net worth, mortgages are no longer an issue. What stood out about the star, however, the way she educates her children. During her interview with the talk, they disused her net worth, retirement plans, and also on where she’s going to leave her fortune when she passes. She openly shared that she won’t leave her children with a hefty amount, but she’s going to give it to her chosen charity. She did explain that if she’d openly give her children the monetary support, they’ll no longer put much effort into the value of work.


The ‘90s kids are well aware who Alyssa Milano is. Starring in one of the hit fantasy drama back then. She played the role of Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed. Aside from the hitmaker, she also landed a role in the TV series Who’ the Boss? and the ever-popular Melrose Place. With the hit-making on-screen project she worked with, she probably no longer struggled in keeping a positive credit score. Despite her success in the field if active, she’s also active in various humanitarian projects. She’s an advocate for AIDS and she also received UNICEF’s Spirit of Compassion award.


Unfazed by criticism, Angelia Jolie continuously makes the headlines with her humanitarian works. Though she does very well when it comes to acting, the Tomb Raider star continually moves forward with her passion. Although she and her ex-husband Brad Pitt didn’t work out, the duo managed to make things work in terms of their kids. They called it quits in 2016, but it took them years before having things finalized. Though things at home had been shaky, she poured in her investments towards her time with their children and humanitarian activities.


Who doesn’t know Bradley Cooper? Aside from being one of the biggest names in Hollywood, the actor became even more famous after appearing in the film A Star is Born, with Lady Gaga. The movie became a major hit among fans. Aside from his recent film, Limitless, The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Sniper are among crowd favorites. His net worth is almost $100 million. With his talent in acting, he managed to get various nominations from the Academy Awards and Tony Awards. With his worth, home security might come in handy for the actor. With his career still in full blast, he’s one of those actors that sweep ladies off their feet as he ages.


Who doesn’t know Cher? The iconic singer is known even by the kids in the ’90s. Aside from her stunning voice, she’s also doing well in acting. She managed to inspire a new breed of singers, which eventually made it to the top. Maintaining her glamour for more than sixty years, she continually increases her investments. As most wonder about what her real name is, Cherilyn Sarkisian, shortened her name to Cher as most people struggle to pronounce or spell it. Though this may be a long time ago, she made a comeback album in 1979 titled Take Me Home. With that, her investments continually increase as she ages.  


The ever stunning Cheryl Ladd definitely knows how to increase her investments. She grew her career when she replaced another iconic actress, Farrah Fawcett, for a role in Charlie’s Angels. At the time, she was cast as Kris Munroe, up until it was officially canceled. Aside from this, she also worked on different acting projects. As her career grew in the industry, she then married David Ladd but things didn’t work out. With the help of her attorney, she was able to file for divorce. She eventually moved her energy into her advocacy, which is a non-profit organization, Childhelp. They work on combating child abuse and helping with treatment therapy.


Still gorgeous for her age, Demi Moore is definitely one of those timeless beauties in Hollywood.  Her hitmakers include Ghost, A Few Good Men, and Indecent Proposal. With the projects that she has worked with, her net worth probably increases. But with the rise to fame, comes with the downfall of her relationships. She’s previously with a Hollywood icon, Bruce Willis. With the help of their attorneys, they were able to sort things through. Despite the divorce, however, they stayed in a healthy relationship for the kids. After her relationship with Willis, she gave love another shot, when she married Ashton Kutcher. The two tied the knot in 2005, but six years into their marriage, the two separated.


One of the biggest stars during her time, Diana Ross is hailed as one of the biggest music legends. A singer, actress, and songwriter, she dominated the airwaves. Her music preference revolves around pop, R&B, soul, and disco. Along with her success in the music industry comes various investments that keep her income stable. Some of her hits are Back in My Arms Again and Stop in the Name of Love.


Definitely a Hollywood icon, Dolly Rebecca Parton is still best known for her hitmakers in the ‘60s. To make sure that she’s age with grace, she went through numerous cosmetic surgeries, which turned out to be a success. Despite going under the knife, the actress didn’t opt to look years younger than her actual age, as she just makes sure that her aging process keeps up in making her flawless. Her music hits are truly commendable. While dominating the airwaves, her net worth gradually increases. Aside from probably making sure her money management is at par; it seems she also makes it a point to keep her marriage intact.


Earning a huge following during her time, Erika Eleniak ages with grace and beauty. Starting off as a Playboy Playmate, she eventually landed a role which increased her popularity on-screen, the hit series Baywatch. Aside from starring in major roles, she was also able to make minor appearances on iconic films, such as E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. With her success, she may already have set aside a reasonable amount of investment money to get her through tough times.


He may be 61 years old, but he still got what it takes to sweep the ladies off their feet. Model and an actor Fabio Lanzoni managed to turn heads at the height of his career. He is often featured in most romance novels. As of this writing, he holds a net worth of $18 million, which simply means that payday loans probably won’t be an issue for him. Aside from book covers, his commercials are also a hit.  He was recognized for his famous likes such as “I Can’t Believe It’s Butter.”


Former adult film star Jenna Jameson looks stunning, more so after she wilfully dropped her baby weight. Although her form wasn’t really that much of a deal, she still pushed herself to work on her physique. Her 3rd pregnancy gave her a push to shed those pounds. In 2017, just a few months after her childbirth, she showed off her trimmed body. She leaned her investments towards the ketogenic diet, where she claimed that it helped her lose a total of 70 pounds.


Some celebrities look better when they age, and Jennifer Beals in not an exemption. The actress starred in Flashdance, which became a blockbuster hit in 1983. She was hailed as the dancing queen at that time. When she was at the top of her career, the actress gathered a huge following as she was someone that they can look up to or probably have become every teen’s role model. Being able to earn a name in Hollywood probably allowed her to break free from worrying about credit loans or potential financial problems.


A Hollywood icon of her time, Kristie Alley is still pretty much active in Hollywood. As for the updates, she threw in her investments towards her health as she focused on her weight loss journey and getting fit. Aside from being an actress, she’s also a renowned supermodel. She worked on hit sitcoms such as Veronica’s Closet. She’s also portrayed the iconic role of Rebecca Howe in Cheers. As for her movies, she was part of For Richer or Poorer, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and David’s Mother. With these projects, she was able to earn multiple nominations and was even able to take home an Emmy Award.


Known for prominent roles for her films, Kristy McNichol grew popular, especially for her project, Little Darlings. Not only does she do very well in acting, but she also exhibits talent as a comedian and producer. She was able to take home two Emmy Awards for a TV drama, Family. To date, she still looks stunning. Most of her time is being thrown towards her mental health. She released a statement in 2017 where she shared her struggle with bipolar disorder. We hope she was able to set aside investment money to get her through tough times.


Stunning as ever, Linda Kozlowski managed to keep her net worth growing with excellent money management. Some of her works in the showbiz industry were high grossing films. She played various characters that allowed her to earn a name and stay in the spotlight. Part of her role that helped her make a name was when she became part of the film Crocodile Dundee. She also landed roles in the movies Almost An Angel and The Neighbor.  With multiple projects that she worked with in the past, she was probably able to put up investments that can keep her going whilst taking a break from showbiz.


Though there were rumors that she’s already on her death bed, the country music singer debunked the accusations. There was viral tabloid news that went out stating that her days are numbered. At the age of 88, she’s still doing very well. She actually just released a Facebook video last year, where she updated fans about her health status. The icon looks incredibly healthy for her age. In fact, she seems to be doing very well. With her previous projects, she probably managed to set aside investment money so that she can have a worry-free retirement.


Aside from being a model and an actress, Pamela Anderson made the headlines back when news broke out that she was married for only 12 days. She tied the knot with her ex-husband, Jon Peters but eventually called it quits in less than two weeks. Still looking gorgeous, she might have a bad experience with love, but her career is definitely booming, she starred in iconic movies such as Casablanca and Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. As of the latest, Anderson also joined French Dancing with the Stars for its 9th season. Reality TV and film seems to be something she’s innately good at, and she’s also an animal rights activist and an advocate for AIDS.


One of the biggest names on Hollywood, Eddie Murphy definitely knows how to expand and take care of his career. Being able to get a huge break from Nutty Professor and Coming to America, Murphy definitely knows how to work on money management. Although his career was doing great, he seems to have bad luck when it comes to love and relationship. Putting his efforts towards his income, however, allowed him to have a secured retirement.


Born in the 1960s, Kelly LeBrock is an icon of her time. Aside from looking stunning and sexy, she also holds a name in acting. She portrays the role of a fantasy woman in the iconic film, The Woman in Red. She also starred in a film with Steven Seagal, her ex-husband, in the movie Hard to Kill. An icon that she is, she still went through tough times as she needed the help of her divorce attorneys to sort out her separation with her ex-husband. Though things were tough at first, she rose behind these hard times and still managed to excel with whatever it is that she does.


Aside from her charming roles and personality, Paula Prentiss is known to be one of those celebrities with lasting relationships. She and her husband, Richard Benjamin starred on a TV show titled He & She. Though the screen time only lasted one season, it didn’t seem to affect their relationship. Being together for quite some time, the couple was probably able to set aside savings money in case they’d both decide to leave showbiz for good. With that being said, financial woes would no longer be an issue for them.


Phylicia Rashad is definitely one of the biggest names when it comes to sitcoms. She’s part of The Cosby Show which went on for more than three decades.  The hit TV show eventually ended its Must-See TV run on NBC. Being one of the casts for the long-running show, Rashad was able to increase her net worth to $55 million. With the whopping amount, her investment money is probably secured already. Still looking young for her age, the actress surely knows how to keep stress at bay.


An actress and a director in one, Robin Wright is slaying the aging process. At the age of 54, she still looks like she’s in her 30s. She made a name in the industry as she was able to win a total of eight Primetime Emmy Award. Aside from these, she was also able to bag a Golden Globe and as well as a Satellite Award. She worked with hit movies such as Santa Barbara, Forrest Gump, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Wonder Woman, and Blade Runner. If you’d notice, most projects that she worked with are big hits amongst the crowd.


Multi-talented with good looks, Soleil Moon Frye is definitely an icon to look up to. She’s not only an actress, but she is also a director and screenwriter rolled into one. She started her TV career when she was 7 years old. She was able to land a role as Penelope “Punky” Brewster under the sitcom, Punky Brewster. Aside from these, she also starred in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She’s still acting to this date, though not on regular occasions, as she’d still hit the screen every now and then. With her career still progressing, she probably won’t be having any issues with her credit scores.


Sofia Villani Scicolone or Sophia Lauren earned a name in Hollywood with her classy and finesse looks. At the age of 85, the actress still looks stunning. It seems like the actress does not age, at all as her looks are pretty much amazing still. She invested time on her health, to make sure that she is still well despite the signs of aging. Though she’s already a big name in Hollywood, she was subjected to controversies. There was a time where some of her photos were posted on adult websites, but with the help of her attorney, she was able to file a lawsuit against those sites.


With a net worth of $110 million, Suzanne Somers most definitely worked her heart out to get to where she is now. Aside from being an actress, she is also a singer, an author, a businesswoman, and an advocate for health. She made a name for her role in Three’s Company. She also did a pretty awesome job when she played the role of Carol Forst Lambert in Step by Step. Although she did great on her career, Somers also went through tough times. In 2000, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although it was a tough pill for her to swallow, her condition didn’t slow her down as all. In fact, it pushed her to be an advocate for health.


Who can forget and not love Steve Harvey? The famous host is iconic in different ways. The entertainer hosts a show named after him, The Steve Harvey Morning show. Aside from which he’s also the host of the popular game shows Family Feud and Celebrity Feud. His energy is contagious and he is sure to put a smile on his audience face. With a net worth of $200 million, he already has enough investment money that would suit his retirement needs when the time comes. At the rate of where his going in terms of his career, there are no signs of him taking a break anytime soon.


The ever-gorgeous Lynda Carter is pretty much aging with grace. Holding a net worth of around $10 million, she probably won’t need to worry about credit issues. She managed to earn a name in the ‘70s for countless reasons. She was able to join beauty pageants and win them, too. She bagged an award for Miss World USA, and upon winning, she also was able to make it to the semi-finals of the entire Miss World competition. Aside from the pageants, she tried her luck with acting. She landed some projects such as Matt Helm, Starsky and Hunch, and her most iconic role, Wonder Woman.


Age is just a number for Tom Cruise as he is one of those celebrities who age with grace. His net worth continually increases, though he’s already at $570 million. Aside from his hit movies such as Top Gun, Mission Impossible, and Interview with the Vampire, he is not an exemption for controversies. There was a time when he and his wife, Katie Holmes, dominated the headlines. Aside from Holmes, he was also married to iconic actresses and big names in the industry such as Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers. Though things were a bit messy for his relationships, with the help of his attorneys, they were able to sort things out.


Still an ultimate head-turner for his age, Rob Lowe is highly talented with no intention of slowing down, not one bit. A talented actor with exploring different genres, staying in the industry is never an issue for him. He was able to make it to the limelight as early as 15 years old, where he landed a spot on the sitcom, A New Kind of Family. He then got his Golden Globe when he played the role of Sam Alden for Tuesday’s Child. Aside from acting, he is also active and was tagged as the first spokesman for a fundraiser intended for breast cancer treatment. By being part of 2000 Lee National Denim Day, he helped patients with the expenses of their medical insurance.


The iconic Susan Sarandon. The actress is still highly active when it comes to her advocacies. The actress was able to receive an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a British Academy Award, with her talent, she was able to gather a huge fanbase. While others throw in their investments towards certain businesses, Sarandon throws her energy towards her activism. She was hailed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1999. Keeping up with what she’s been doing, she was able to receive recognition in 2006 for the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award. As for her films, she starred in The Client, Dead Man Walking, Enchanted, Little Woman, The Meddler, and A Bad Moms Christmas.


Bill Cosby is not spared from Hollywood’s biggest scandal. With the help of his lawyers, he faced numerous lawsuits. Prior to all the hoopla going on with his career, he used to earn a name as one of the highest-paid entertainers with more than $400-million net worth. He was also called America’s Dad, who was a stand-up comedian, actor, musician, and author rolled into one. Despite the success, however, the scandal threw shade over his career, which basically affected his wealth.


Receiving a huge recognition for her Ariel Moore role in the Footloose movie, Lori Singer is still making it big. She made it big in the limelight with her TV series titled Fame in the 1980s. Although she’s taking it slow in terms of the film industry, she managed to produce a documentary. She has a project Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God. Though she’s taking it slow, she probably managed to set aside investment money in case she’d eventually opt for retirement.

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