Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa is widely known for his roles as Khal Drogo in the smash HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones and DC’s Aquaman. But before earning those high-paying roles and becoming a legitimate Hollywood sensation, Jason made several minor appearances in films and series like Johnson Family Vacation, Conan the Barbarian, North Shore, and Baywatch. Not surprisingly, Jason also modeled during his teenage years and managed to score projects with a few brands. Apart from his career background, Jason is also known for his flare and manly physique. However, his long luscious locks and signature tattoos are more than just aesthetics. For Jason, it’s his way of paying homage to his Hawaiian culture. Today, Jason continues to make waves in the industry and has a couple of exciting projects credited to him coming in the next few years.


If you don’t know who Rudy Pankow is, well, then it’s probably time that you did. This young American actor is widely known for his role in the Netflix series Outerbanks where he plays the lead character, JJ Maybank. Although Rudy is a rookie in the Hollywood scene, his charm and good looks are quickly shooting him up the ladder of young Hollywood heartthrobs. He may not have a lot of major acting credits to his name, but his skills and talents are surely promising. So far, Rudy has showcased his acting chops in other shows like The Politician, Solved, and Sunny Family Cult. With his charisma and acting promise, we’re positive that Rudy will soon become Hollywood’s next it-boy!


Over the past few years, we’ve seen Tom Ellis’ name has been plastered everywhere, especially on the internet. But why wouldn’t it, though? This devilishly handsome TV star has been nothing but outstanding in his performance as the devil turned police accomplice Lucifer Morningstar in the Fox series, Lucifer. But before becoming the big celebrity that he is today, Tom Ellis had his start earning acting credits in Welsh and British television. His most notable pre-Lucifer works were in BBC’s Merlin, The Last of the Time Lords, The Fades, etc. After years of being an unknown slash minor celebrity, Tom now gets to enjoy being a Hollywood A-lister, and a certified heartthrob for that matter. Not bad for someone who plays the devil on screen, right?


Former One Direction member and current supermodel beau Zayn Malik have been swooning young hearts ever since he stepped on the stage of The X-Factor UK. During his days as a boyband member, Zayn gained a massive fan following thanks to his ruggedly mysterious charm that complimented his remarkable singing prowess. However, after five incredible years with One Direction, Zayn Malik decided to strike out on his own and carve a career that’s more fitting to who he was as an artist. Although his departure from the band caused a lot of teenage hearts to break, we couldn’t be happier with how his post-1D life turned out. Today, Zayn is one of the hottest rising talents and a new dad to his and Gigi Hadid’s baby daughter. And with the degree that Zayn’s career is growing, we’re sure he’d be making an even bigger footprint in Hollywood.


Henry Cavill immediately shot up into Hollywood icon status after he was hired to continue the legacy of the all-American superhero, Superman. Of course, nothing about it was surprising considering that almost everything about the British actor screamed Clark Kent. From his gorgeous dark locks down to his piercing blue eyes, Henry Cavill was simply Superman personified. But Henry isn’t just about that superhero image. Outside of his comic book persona, Henry shows a lot of skills and range in acting. Recently, Henry showed off his skills in fantasy and action in the Netflix series, The Witcher. However, Henry’s list of iconic acting credits doesn’t end there. The actor recently added Sherlock Holmes to his character portfolio when he was hired to play the iconic detective in Netflix’s Enola Holmes.


Sweet, charming, and outrageously funny, it’s no wonder Ryan Reynolds ended up on this list. The Deadpool actor has been in the industry for quite some time now, but his charm and charisma just doesn’t seem to fade. However, before he became Hollywood’s favorite witty man, Ryan was a wide-eyed teenager in Canada trying his luck in the acting industry. His first acting break in Hollywood came in 1998 when he was hired to join the cast of the American sitcom, Two Guys and a Girl. Since then, acting credits have been piling up for Ryan, but his biggest break came when he was cast to play the role of the sharp-tongued masked hero Deadpool. After his MCU breakthrough, hoards of new projects came to Ryan’s way. Today, Ryan boasts a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


If you’re looking for that golden boy all-American charm, then Armie Hammer is your man. He was born in California to Dru Ann Mobley, a business loan officer, and Michael Armand Hammer, a businessman, and media mogul. Because of his father’s background in the entertainment industry, it was not all that surprising to see Armie follow suit with a career in acting. And although he had the right surname in Hollywood, Armie did it the right way and started with small roles and worked his way up the ladder. His big break came in 2010 when he played the Winklevoss twins in the biographical film The Social Network. Today, Armie is better known for his role as Oliver in the Luca Guadagnino film, Call Me By Your Name.


Teen Wolf alumna Dylan O’Brien has definitely enjoyed a good six years being everyone’s favorite quirky boy. However, way before he became a certified Hollywood heartthrob, Dylan was working his way around Youtube. He wrote, directed, and acted in some of his Youtube short films. But before his Youtube career could take off, Dylan was cast as Stiles on the 2010 series remake of Teen Wolf. It was his very first professional acting credit and one that quickly shot him into superstardom. Shortly after he appeared as Stiles on the series, he quickly became Hollywood’s newest boy-next-door. Of course, a lot of Hollywood newcomers have taken that spot from Dylan since then, but that doesn’t mean girls don’t swoon over him anymore. In fact. Dylan still boasts millions of followers across all of his social media accounts.


Ian Somerhalder rose to prominence playing the character Damon Salvatore in the hit CW series, The Vampire Diaries. Thanks to his excellent acting skills and piercing blue eyes, Ian managed to shoot high up the rankings of Hollywood’s most desirable just shortly after he brought the mischievous vampire to life. However, it’s not just Ian’s acting chops and charm that attracts so much attention. He is also quite passionate about several social issues, including animal rights and climate change. In 2011, Ian was involved in an initiative to help clean up the oil spill from Deepwater Horizon’s leakage and has also helped raise funds for animal shelters in California and across the United States. Not only that, but he also supports the LGBTQ+ by participating in campaigns aiming to provide mental health support to younger members of the LGBTQ+ community. I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to see an actor with this degree of fame use his platform responsibly.


Canadian singing superstar Shawn Mendes has definitely come a long way from uploading six-second videos of him on Vine to selling out arenas across the globe. That’s right. This Canadian heart-melter got his start on the industry by singing and covering songs within the four corners of his bedroom in Ontario, Canada. From Vine alone, Shawn was already able to hoard millions of loyal followers that when his actual music career took off, he instantly became a hit. His fame today has escalated to a massive degree that he is now able to sing side-by-side with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. So far, Shawn has collaborated with Hollywood icons like Taylor Swift, Camilla Cabello, Ariana Grande, and Khalid. Given the speed to which Shawn’s career is going, we’re sure we’ll see more of him in the future.