30 Surprisingly Still Single Female Celebs Of 2020

Do you ever wonder why you always want to know the latest about your favorite artists? Whether they are internationally known or not, you are drawn into knowing what becomes of them, and the things, titles, or recognition credited to them. Truly, we live in the times where there can be great dramas, heightened scandals, and quite recently, there hasn’t been much on teenagers sleeping over and being able to get by their parents’ decision, even in these toughest of times. However, as if the pandemic is not totally a different thing, some might find it surprising to know that these lovely female celebrities still remain single. Fresh from their colorful past, here are the female celebs we’ve collected for you to learn from.


As if the controversial break-up between Rihanna and ex-beau Chris Brown wasn’t an open secret at all, for sure, she has had herself all guarded up to never her life puzzled and confused again. Her next relationship was with the ever-popular and eligible bachelor, Hassan Jameel. In case some of us here don’t know it yet, Jameel credits as a billionaire businessman whom Rihanna shared a memorable, amazing three years with before they called it quits at the beginning of January this year. For such a beautiful and talented singer like Rihanna, a single version of her in 2020 seems strangely surprising.

Selena Gomez

Many of us have witnessed the on and off thing between Selena Gomez and with now-married Justin Bieber. It was all cute as the two started with this puppy love they did at first until their relationship went sour and toxic for each other. Since then, the two maintained an on and off relationship until finally, in 2018, when Bieber finally decided to tie the knot with Hailey Baldwin, many hearts were broken for Jelena. To some degree, Selena took her time off love and focused more on reflecting on more important things. So this 2020, she is very much single, but she is learning more and more to love herself.

Jennifer Aniston

Known for her controversial break up from ex-husband, Brad Pitt, in the love department, Jennifer Aniston, remains single after all these years. She did remarry after Pitt, though, and it was to Justin Theroux, making herself married twice and divorced twice as well. It may seem that she hasn’t been that lucky in her love life, but with all the credits to her name in the industry, no girl wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. Also, what everyone should know about her current status is that though this 2020 she’s solo, she is very happy. However, it may not be for long.

Emilia Clarke

Mother of the dragons, the gorgeous Emilia Clarke, is, to some degree, very much single this 2020. No one can say if, in our present world condition, she’ll remain so until the end of the year as it was just in 2019 since her last relationship. Last 2018, she was linked with the filmmaker, Charles McDowell, whose relationship she only confirmed through a snapshot of them posted on her Instagram. Though it was a quick one, the Game of Thrones star decided to take it slow and might not be seeing actors when asked about it. Although, she did say she’s open to it. So, we have to wait and see!

Hailee Steinfeld

American actress, singer, and songwriter, Hailee Steinfeld, remains single in 2020 as she was through 2019. Since her split from her most headlined relationship with One Direction’s Niall Horan, she seemed to have not been linked to anyone just yet. It’s safe to say that it’s as their break-up resulted from the degree of business the actress had over the projects she had at hand. However, despite that, their break-up ended pretty messily, as evidenced by the actress shading her ex on Instagram. Well, even with great looks, talent to die for, and amazing career opportunities, what would surely complete the picture would be to have a man in her life. Good thing 2020 isn’t over yet, let’s see to that.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling didn’t only have a credit role as a star in the Outstanding Comedy Series, The Office, she, in fact, credits as the sitcom’s writer, executive producer, and director. She has even won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. On this feat along, this girl is just so much! As far as her love life goes, though, the actress has managed to keep her relationships very private. But for now, Mindy remains single, and she has been for a while now. She is also currently enjoying her life and raising her daughter, whose father she doesn’t plan to reveal to the public yet.

Emma Watson

Well, if it isn’t the girl who can do it all, and all at once, Emma Watson, who else would fit such a description? This 2020 took being single a degree higher in perspective, and we couldn’t agree more! There was a time far back where she totally struggled being single or referring to herself as single, but now, she looks at it in fresh lenses and on a more happy note. When asked about it, Watson responds that she is not single but rather self partnered and is happy with her response. Now, she takes a more positive outlook on her singleness and is more empowered than ever.

Halle Berry

Not only is she Halle Berry when you look at her, but she’s every credit role she has ever portrayed, she is Catwoman, Storm in the X-Men movie franchise, the nurse in New Year’s Eve, and many more in all her movies. We can say, then, in her long years in the industry, she has grown to become one of the prominent leading ladies in Hollywood. She’s currently at the ripe age of 54, and she remains single. Many can’t help but ponder this actress’s love life, but surely, though she is single at this age, being married three different times changes your beliefs sometimes.

Kylie Jenner

There was a time that it was all rainbow and butterflies for ex-lovers, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. You would see the two just everywhere or take fancy vacations together. However, their relationship didn’t last that long, we mean, two-year credits aren’t that long, right? Anyhow, as the ex-lovers have a daughter together named Stormi, last Oct in 2019, Jenner tweeted that Travis and her remain on good terms and that their main priority is their friendship and daughter. Early this year, though, rumors of them hanging out together circulates, and they hush it up like nothing. Let’s wait until the year ends, though.

Angelina Jolie

Once upon a time, there used to be a Brangelina, a power couple that existed in the 21st century. They took the world in a shock, and for a while, the earth stopped in its axis after the couple broke the news that they were separating. Well, since then, Angelina Jolie, who was the other half, remained single or not-so with the rumors circulating, we cannot tell. Not that she’s traumatized or anything though, she’s just focusing her time on tending to herself, health, and, most of all, their kids. Good thing, with the couples’ net worth, career, and passive investments, it’s unlikely that their kids will ever be in need. As fans of their family, we sure do hope Angelina and Brad would be able to make spending time with their children’s work.

Bella Hadid

Since 2015, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd kept going in a circle with their relationship. They have long been on and off, hot and cold about it. Who would have thought that this tall and beautiful model would remain single at this time? Or is she really? Despite rumors of the two keeping in touch in 2020, nothing is really official. It’s safe to say that despite the investment of emotion and time they’ve made in each other, they remain apart in this time of crisis. So yes, she is very much single. But oh, we heard, her ex’s new album is full of songs about her!

Drew Barrymore

Well, since her separation with ex Will Kopelman, an art consultant, Drew Barrymore hasn’t been able to date properly, and the actress is quite open and upfront about being still single. It seemed that she had taken all the time she needed to love herself and take good care of her two kids. Thankfully, with her net worth and investments, she is well capable of raising her kids as a single mom. Also, for sure, Kopelman is one responsible dad. The best thing about her now, we guess, is her being happily single, and that is a priceless time, not everyone can afford.

Charlize Theron

After making it to the headlines with her short-lived dating relationship with Sean Penn, Charlize Theron opens up about it years after it was long gone. Yes, she’s been very much single since, and it’s hard to believe that a gorgeous celebrity like her would still be this kind of single. Since her last serious relationship, which is safe to say must have been like a decade ago, the actress admitted that marriage wasn’t something she’d considered important to her. She claims that she enjoys the company of her adopted children so much, and she credits them for never feeling lonely.

Khloe Kardashian

This whole on and off relationship of Khloe Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, Tristan Thompson, have quite a love story many are following. This 2020, with all that’s going on around the world, the couple has been reported to have been quarantining together. Outside the influences of the rest of the world, so far, both of them have had the chance to reconnect and put their daughter’s True interest first. Even with all the bad credits of multiple cheating in the past, the two manage to be smart and not let the past get in the way.

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha is one rising and quickly becoming a prominent star in the pop industry today. We hear her sing songs about love and being in love, but the big question is she currently in love? Since her big break in the world of music, she has been focusing a lot on her craft. Dating or being in a relationship may seem to be a time investment she couldn’t make. Although she might need a little inspiration, you know! But, oh well, it’s totally up to this gal. She’s in her 30s, and she’s thriving just as she should!

Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler seems to have it all together by remaining single all these years. Not that she never dated anyone at all. But it was once reported that mega-rapper, 50 Cents, and she were linked together. Also, she did date NBC Chairman Ted Harbert. Yes, she dates men way older than her! In one of her interviews, she claims that older men have it more together than men her age. And for her book credits, which is her own memoir, she wrote about her views about relationships and just about anything in life. Now, that’ll be a delightful read.

Terri Hatcher

In a 2019 interview with Terri Hatcher, she conveyed how many of the divorced women will no longer remarry. To her, it sounded depressing. However, in her opinion, many of them are better off surviving and thriving. In fact, more single women are getting more empowered, making money, getting healthy, and traveling. Quite a speech she gave there which well should not be really that surprising that this Desperate Housewives actress still credits to be single up till now. We guess, with her growing net worth, there’s much to do for sure.

January Jones

Mad Men star, January Jones, didn’t only catch the attention of prestigious acting bodies but also people for remaining single these last few years. Although she did admit in an interview way back in 2017, she might want a partner, however, she just didn’t feel unhappy or lonely to push for it. The actress also stated that she’d give it credit if it is so amazing that it’ll make her want to make room for it and something that’ll add happiness and not take it all away. We don’t know, but it seems like she still holds on to that standard. For sure, someone will come along who’ll just be that amazing for her.

Kendall Jenner

Being usually the one in the family who keeps things in her life private, Kendall Jenner has been officially single right now, until she speaks up about it. Despite rumors about her and her NBA star boyfriends, she remains mum about them all. Her former friend Jordyn Woods confirmed that she has always been friends with this recently linked basketball player Devin Booker who Jenner has been spotted hanging out with while the rest were on quarantine. What’s great about this confirmation is the degree from which the information came from. Oh, by the way, did you know that Woods is also the ex-girlfriend of Booker?

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon never married again since she was widowed in 1979. Although she had been in relationships afterward, it hasn’t been easy for her. In her interviews, she’s vocal about her loving the feeling of being in love, and so to her being unhappy is a choice. That being said, even at her age, in the 70s, she misses the feeling of being in love. But she seems comfortable being single and that’s all that matters. Also, in the interview, Sarandon shared how she was so sad filming her movie credit in The Meddler because she had just broken up with her new boyfriend.

Diane Keaton

Being one of the legendary actors of Hollywood, Diane Keaton remained unmarried all these years. In fact, in 2019, she made remarks on how she has never dated in 35 years. She’s in her 70s now, which could be a bit of a feat, especially after long years of hiding away from the market. Although, all through her career and movie credits, she has been involved with big men in the industry. Not one, really, made it to marriage. In fact, the only time she referred to someone as the love of her life was in 2008, talking about her mom when she lost her.

Sophia Bush

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush after her short-love marriage with co-star Chad Murray decided to keep her love life low key. She talked about how being 21 years old at that time when they got married caused her to be stupid and went with the flow. With the show on the go and people around them pressuring, it got to the degree that she could say she was pressured into that marriage, and up until today, that is still the narrative she tells. However, this 2020, despite rumors of a budding romance between her and Grant Hughes, no official announcement has been made about it. So yes, we guess she’s still single and keeping it friendly.

Alexa Demie

Singer and Euphoria star, Alexa Demie, is referred to as one of the drama series’ rising stars. In the series, she is credited as the character of Maddy Perez. Demie also made it to the movies’ casting of Brigsby Bear, Wakers, Ray Donovan, and Mi90s. Many fans have been fond of her and her acting style. Her presence in the show, due to her unique style of acting and overwhelming presence in all her parts, has captured the hearts of many where she now has a growing fanbase. Since her coming out though, there hasn’t been any highlight of any romantic involvement in her life. Although rumors have it that she did have some meetups with her co-stars. No one is speaking about it, though.

Sydney Sweeney

Another Euphoria star, Sydney Sweeney, has been making headlines since she came out. She is an upcoming actress for many fans to watch out for. To many who have been following her, they have been speculating if she happens to be seeing someone significant. By the looks of her Instagram account, Sydney doesn’t seem to be seeing anyone. Or maybe it hasn’t come to that degree yet that relationship photos make it to her IG. The thing is, with her being silent about her dating life, some have put it in their hands to link her with her co-stars.

Barbie Ferreira

Brazillian-American Plus-Size Model and Euphoria star, Barbie Ferreira, is very much single still this 2020. Not that we have much on the headlines about it. But so far, the only relationship we know about her is her commitment to giving talks about body shaming for women her size. She is also self-confessed in her interviews how pretty much all that she has dated were from online dating. Make no mistake, though, anyone who’ll date her is in for a treat. Barbie isn’t only a model, but she is also great at what she does, also she is credited as one of Time’s 2016 list of Most Influential Teens. Tell us if that doesn’t make her a great catch!


Love Lies singer, Normani Kordei Hamilton was also 2012 The X-Factor contestant. After her time in the show, she became part of the female group, The Fifth Harmony. When she finally decided to go solo, she hit the lucky button in her performing credits in a duet with Khalid. That stint got the song top the charts! However, as about her love life, many knew about her dating some of her co-contestants or co-stars in the show. Although all of them are just rumors and none have been proven true yet. Also, seriously, she lives up to being single as she claims to be.

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is still single and ready to mingle as she has revealed it with TMZ. Some of you happen to know about her brief romance with Moneybagg Yo rapper, but since then, she’s free. She said she’s looking for a nice guy and one with a good sense of humor. So far, though, with the world still at a standstill, nothing has come out except for the rapper-songwriter being linked with G-Eazy at the beginning of the year. Well, we think that with all the album credits Megan will make, she shouldn’t be really just rushing on to love.

Lupita Nyong’ o

Kenyan-Mexican actress and author Lupita Nyong’ o was credited by People magazine in 2014 and was named the most beautiful woman in the world. Any guy would see her as a great catch to think that she is, by the way, fluent in four languages! In 2015, Lupita Nyong’ o split from her rapper boyfriend, K’naan, and had remained coy about her relationship status. In her interview with Vogue, she stated that she would keep things private in her life and refrain from publicly talking about it. But lately, rumors about her dating guys are circulating. Including how some have been keeping a keen eye on her closeness with Noah Trevor.

Lucy Hale

Pretty Little Liar star Lucy Hale is single. She credits herself to be so in her latest July 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight. Quite a shocker for this pretty gal who we totally thought had everything going for her. But we guess times do change, and so do people. In her interview, you’d catch her talking about how she used to not like being alone. But it seems that the star likes her private time and has been enjoying it enough to say it in public. However, things could also be exciting behind the scenes for the actress. See, there has been a photo of Hale and Season 23, Bachelor, Colton Underwood circulating of the two of them hiking together.

Rebel Wilson

Australian actress and comedienne Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson in 2012 was given credit for being included in the list of Top 10 Comics to Watch Out. The Pitch Perfect star has been winning the hearts of American people in her performances in movies. She’s been making waves and earned a growing fan base in Hollywood, in fact, and many have been asking about the love life of the real Fat Amy. Has someone won her heart already? Well, she’s been open about her dating from billionaires to regular guys next door but hasn’t made a public announcement yet of anyone exclusive. We know that her Instagram has been about losing weight, which we know will set her to a great degree this year and beyond in love life or not.

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