Are You Also A Follower Of These Most Followed Twitter Accounts?

Technology is and has always been a big part of humanity’s quest to improve and innovate. Along with the development of electricity, technology has slowly but surely evolved over the years. Through technology, people can do many things like communicating with others, buying and selling goods and services, and sharing news articles.

In the earlier years of the entertainment industry, celebrities would often promote their projects and events through radio broadcasts, newspapers, TV broadcasts, and posters. However, in more recent years, thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, celebrities can expand their promotion mediums by posting their future events and projects in their accounts. Furthermore, not only can they promote their many career ventures, but, through social media, celebrities can also communicate with millions of their fans worldwide. Most of the time, their influence and popularity are as proportional as the number of people that follow them in the many social media platforms within our grasps. For this article, we will be talking about celebrities with many followers on their Twitter accounts.


It comes with no surprise that the social media platform also has its own Twitter account. Besides announcing news regarding any updates on the platform, Twitter often tweets about world news.
Tweeting about public events seems like a relatively simple job to do. However, whoever is in charge of Twitter’s account undoubtedly deserves some credit for doing their job as enthusiastically as possible. In recent months, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people are highly encouraged to wear face masks when they’re outside of their homes. As its way of promoting and enforcing the safety protocol to the community, Twitter has made a few too many tweets encouraging its many followers to wear a face mask – not without adding a little humor on the tweets, of course.


Among the most-followed Twitter accounts in this article also includes one of the most-visited websites, YouTube. What started as a small website developed by three friends, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, has now become one of the most expensive investments ever made – the brand currently has a value of around $100 billion.
Even before Google bought it, YouTube was already the most-visited streaming site and even has a broader audience span than cable TV. For its Twitter account, YouTube would often tweet videos of its many “YouTubers” to promote their channels. And besides promoting YouTubers, the account tweets announcements and sometimes interacts with its many followers through polls and the like, which is one way for them to receive audience feedback to improve their streaming platform.


Through the years, Rihanna has shown her talent in singing with one hit record after another and is now one of the most influential artists. Another factor in her status as an iconic pop star is her public persona whenever she is under the spotlight. To help her maintain her public image, Rihanna even took an insurance policy of $1 million for her legs, which she believes to be her most significant assets.
With Rihanna’s immense popularity, it comes as no surprise that her Twitter account would have a proportionate amount of followers. Through her account, the singer would often tweet about her new projects, like a new record, tour, her fashion line Fenty, or even talk about her thoughts and opinions – and hopefully get a little fan interaction from that.


After her growing popularity in the Nickelodeon show Victorious, Ariana Grande made a more prominent name for herself as a pop star who has since released many singles that have reached Billboard charts. And besides making her hit songs, Ariana Grande also actively participates in various charity events, often utilizing her talent in singing and collaborating with fellow artists like Miley Cyrus and Madonna.
With her Twitter account, Ariana Grande, like other artists, would often promote her many projects. Sometimes, by using her influence among her fans, she would also tweet about the many advocacies she follows and encourages her followers to engage in charity programs. Most of all, Ariana Grande also uses the account to give her fans credit for all the support they gave her throughout her career.


Lady Gaga is a well-known artist for her hit songs and ever-changing celebrity persona. And for her live performances, Lady Gaga is as good of a dancer as she is a talented singer, so much that’s it like her presence on stage is enough to supply electricity to the concert venue – quite similar to Madonna, one of her biggest inspirations. Outside of music, Lady Gaga also starred in the widely-loved film A Star is Born and in the miniseries American Horror Story: Hotel.
For her fan base, the singer would often call herself “Mother Monster,” while the fans are her “Little Monsters.” For her Twitter account, Lady Gaga mainly uses it to let her followers know of any new announcement or updates the singer has in her career, like a new record, album, event, or even charity program.


Demi Lovato and her celebrity best friend and fellow singer, Selena Gomez, started their careers in the entertainment industry at an early age when they starred in the kids’ show Barney & Friends. After a few years, Demi Lovato gained more popularity for her role in Disney’s Camp Rock films.
With the singer introduced to music at a very young age, it’s evident that her ever-growing talent is one of the biggest investments she has made – and it is undoubtedly paying off for her. And for the fans that have been following the singer throughout her career, Demi Lovato has her Twitter account as one of her other social media platforms to communicate with them. Besides posting about her advocacy on the importance of one’s mental health, the singer also updates her followers about her upcoming records and projects.


More often than not, many artists have their fair share of unusual achievements throughout their careers. In 2002, for his debut album Justified, Justin Timberlake was so immersed in the record’s production to the degree that he finished making the album without ever writing down his lyrics.
Justin Timberlake is very vocal about his thoughts and opinions in his Twitter account and would often share news or articles relevant to current events. Other than that, the singer would also post promotions for the projections that he participated in. But underneath the promotions and advocacies, Justin Timberlake would also take time to goof around on the platform and possibly make many of his fans’ days brighter – even for just a bit.


When Taylor Swift was still relatively unknown in her music career, she was once told by an interviewer that she can always be a hair model if ever she fails as a musician. Fortunately, in a more recent interview, that same interviewer apologized to Taylor Swift, especially since now she has earned many achievements under her credit. Now one of the music industry’s iconic singers in recent years, Taylor Swift has made quite a name for herself with her hit songs like You Belong With Me, Blank Space, and has recently released her new album folklore.
Through the years, Taylor Swift has gained a massive fan base. Though she doesn’t usually post much on her Twitter account, the singer has around 87.2 million followers patiently waiting for her new announcements.


The 14th and current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, started his journey of becoming a politician at an early point in his life. When he was a teenager, Modi decided to go on a two-year adventure around the country to experience the many cultures that thrive in different regions. In 1978, Modi earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and eventually finished his graduate studies on the same course.
Often considered one of India’s most technology-oriented leaders, Narendra Modi is a very active user of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For his Twitter account, Modi is one of the most followed-politicians globally and would often tweet about his political party, address India’s issues, and about their diplomatic relations with other countries.


If Marvel’s Tony Stark were a real person, he would be Elon Musk. Jon Favreau, the director of Marvel’s Iron Man, has stated that Elon Musk greatly inspired the movie version of Tony Stark’s character. The man who has made massive investments for many companies like PayPal, Tesla Motors, Solar City, and SpaceX, Elon Musk is one of the world’s most influential figures and never settles for second-best. On one occasion, after he wasn’t content with the schools his sons went to, Elon Musk purchased a mansion and renovated it into a school for his children and a few other students.
And like any influential modern-day figure, Elon Musk has his own Twitter account to showcase his current projects, share his thoughts and opinions, interact with his fans, and even post memes from time to time.


The TV broadcasting network that forever revolutionized news reports has now found its way to social media platforms. CNN is the first TV news network ever to provide 24-hour coverage and updates on world news. Founded by Ted Turner in 1980, CNN is now one of the most notable news networks on TV and the internet, expanding its grasp to millions of people worldwide.
Twitter, like other social media platforms like Facebook, is a place where users can post about their thoughts, personal opinions, interests, and interact with others as well. With CNN’s Twitter account, users who follow it receive updates on current news and events. With the news network actively providing reports across many platforms on and off the internet, CNN deserves all the credit it receives for their efforts.


One way or another, you have already heard about the celebrity personality Kim Kardashian West and the Kardashian-Jenner family. A well-known celebrity worldwide thanks to her and her family’s reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian has since made investments in the fashion and beauty business with her fashion line and cosmetics.
With her popularity showing no signs of ever stopping, Kim Kardashian West, through the years, has garnered an immense number of followers for her social media accounts. Through her Twitter account, Kim would often tweet about personal life, promote her fashion and cosmetic products, and use her popularity to spread awareness of many charity programs and advocacies that aim to help make the world a better place for everyone.


One of the most successful talk show hosts today, Ellen DeGeneres, once worked a handful of odd jobs before becoming a comedian, including a paralegal, a bartender, and a vacuum cleaner saleswoman. The comedian’s popularity has risen steadily after her involvement in the TV sitcom Ellen; the animated movie Finding Nemo; and her talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen is now one of the most well-known talk show hosts working today, earning more than enough to purchase a series of real estate properties without ever needing to get personal loans.
Like other celebrity personalities, the talk show host also has her own Twitter account. Though it is mainly used to promote her show and her projects, Ellen DeGeneres still posts a few personal tweets now and then.


How popular can a celebrity become? For Cristiano Ronaldo, his popularity has reached a certain degree where he is now a subject that fourth-year sociology students of the University of British Columbia Okanagan need to study. Furthermore, Ronaldo now also has a museum, showcasing his life, trophies, awards, rare photos, and career through the years. Goes to show that putting your heart into your passion can surely take you higher in the long run.
With his ever-growing popularity, thanks to his football career and his endeavors outside of the field, Cristiano Ronaldo currently has around 88.4 million followers on his Twitter account. Besides promoting his projects, the football player’s account is mostly filled with his personal life, posting photos of himself, his family, and his teammates.


With her hit records like Roar, Firework, and Dark Horse, it comes as no surprise that Katy Perry has become one of the most famous artists in the music industry along with the ranks of Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Katy Perry started her journey as a singer at the young age of 9, singing for her parents’ church choir. After a few producers witnessed Katy Perry singing with the choir, the door leading to her rise in stardom opened even wider.
With singing among her biggest investments that contributed to where she is today, Katy Perry now has a broad fan base across every nation. As a way for the singer to reach out to her fans, Katy Perry uses her Twitter account, tweeting about new records, albums, projects, and, most importantly, her personal life.


Justin Bieber is the type of artist that only needs to be introduced one time. After a few of his covers and original songs on his YouTube channel had gone viral, Justin Bieber was discovered when he was 13 years old by his now-manager, Scooter Braun. In 2015, the singer received eight Guinness World Records under his credit for his album Purpose, including a title for the Most Streamed Album on Spotify.
Justin Bieber has grown a large following in social media through the years, currently with 112.7 million followers on his Twitter account. Though he uses it a lot to promote his projects, Bieber would also frequently tweet his appreciation for his fans and supporters and spare some time to share his thoughts on varying topics.


An artist who stepped on the gas towards a career full of fame at a young age, Shakira is a singer who already wrote her first song at the age of 8 and, by 13, got herself a record deal. With her hit songs like Wherever, Whenever, Hips Don’t Lie, and Waka Waka, Shakira has made a big name for herself in the music industry.
Born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the singer’s first name, “Shakira,” has its roots linked to the Arabic word for “grateful.” Like her name, Shakira is never afraid to share her blessings with others by participating in charity programs – she also promotes these programs to her 52.3 million followers on Twitter. Besides that, Shakira also uses the social media platform to update her fans about new projects.


After first experiencing what it’s like to work under the Hollywood spotlight with her role in the 1989 TV show The All-New Mickey Mouse Club alongside fellow artists Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears eventually pursued the career of a solo artist. In 2003, Britney Spears got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, giving her the credit of being one of the youngest celebrities to receive such an award. Eventually, out of the nine albums Britney Spears has released, six of them reached the number 1 spot of the Billboard charts upon release.
For her fans, Britney Spears uses her Twitter account to promote her projects like a new record, tours, behind the scenes videos, and share some of her whereabouts outside of work.


Before the thought of Microsoft was even conceived in Bill Gates’ mind, he once promised his teachers that once he reaches the age of 30, he will become a millionaire. Although they didn’t take him seriously at the time, Bill Gates kept his word and achieved millionaire status when he was 30, becoming a billionaire a year later. With his well-earned fortune, Bill Gates has more than willingly donated a significant portion of it to charity organizations – recently, he made investments on a vaccine to cure COVID-19.
With his Twitter account, Bill Gates promotes many advocacies and charity projects. Other times, he would take the time to show gratitude to his family, friends, colleagues, and to the hundreds of people who went out of their ways to help improve the world one step at a time.


After earning his degree and graduating as a Magna cum Laude from Harvard Law School’s batch 1991, Barack Obama began his journey in the world of politics, eventually becoming America’s 44th president. Among the few nice things to discover about influential figures is when we find out that they also share the same interests as us. One such example is Barack Obama himself, who also happens to be a book lover and loves to read the Harry Potter books with his daughter, Malia.
Even though his tenure as president has ended, Barack Obama still carries a leader’s traits even through his social media accounts, where he actively promotes his fellow citizen’s participation in many advocacies and charity programs. After all, a true leader is supportive of their people and helps them strive to be better for themselves and others.

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