These Stars’ Long-Lasting Marriages Will Make You Believe In Love Again


Jeff Bridges comes from a family of artists. His father is the late great actor Lloyd Bridges, while his mom, Dorothy Bridges, is also a prominent name in the industry. When Jeff was 28-years-old, he met Susan Geston at a ranch where he was shooting. From there, he knew she would be the one for him. At the time, Jeff was not yet ready to settle down and tie the knot. However, when Geston came to L.A. to live with him, she gave him an ultimatum that made him decide to marry her right away.

Jeff and Susan got married in 1977. For 43 years that they have been together, they surely have good investments to make themselves prepared for the future. They luckily became the father and mother of three daughters-Isabel Bridges, Jessica Lily Bridges and Hayley Roselouise Bridges. In October 2020, Jeff announced that he was diagnosed with lymphoma and praised Susan and their relatives for giving him all the “love and support”.